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Section D—Complete the sentence with the correct word or words from the word bank. Not all words will be used.
19.  e __________________ is/are 150 sacred hymns found in the Old Testament.
20. We belong to the ______________________, the family of Christians of all time.
21.  e coming again of Jesus at the end of time is called the ___________________.
22.  e ________________________________ is the community of Jesus’ followers.
23. _____________________________________ is the sacrament of healing for
those who are sick or elderly.
24. On ____________________________ we celebrate Jesus’ royal welcome into
 Word Bank
Palm Sunday Church
Easter Anointing of the Sick psalms Parousia Baptism
Communion of Saints
Jerusalem and his passion and death.
Section E—Circle the letter of the best answer. 25. Caring for Creation means respecting _____.
a. all living things b. our talents 26. Jesus compared himself to _____.
a. a house built on sand b. a vine
27.  e Church’s most important public worship is called the _____.
a. Psalms b. Rosary 28.  e Sacraments of Service are _____.
a. Matrimony and Holy Orders b. Baptism and Eucharist 29. In the Sacrament of Reconciliation we _____.
a. are forgiven of Original Sin b. are anointed with oil 30. Lent is a time to _____.
a. honor the saints b. pray and fast
c. our possessions
c. a vine grower
c. Eucharist
c. Baptism and Con rmation c. receive God’s forgiveness c. prepare for Christmas
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