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       Section E—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
25. ____ refers to the Gospel message that has been handed down through the preaching of the Apostles to the
Church of the present day.
a. Eucharist b. Sacred Tradition c. Ten Commandments
26. Which sacrament begins Christian life?
a. Baptism b. Marriage c. Reconciliation
27. The Gospel is the story of the life and teachings of ____, told in the  rst four books of the New Testament.
a. Isaiah b. Peter c. Jesus
28. ____ is the deliberate disobedience of God’s Law in a serious manner, such as the taking of a human life.
a. Mortal sin b. Venial sin c. Penance
29. The Seventh, Ninth, and Tenth ____ call us to respect others’ belongings and our friendships.
a. Beatitudes b. Apostles c. Commandments
30. The prophet ____ foretold the coming of a Messiah who would reach out to those who are poor or in trouble.
a. Isaiah b. Peter c. Paul
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