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Name __________________________
       Section A—Complete each sentence using the correct word or words from the word bank. Not all words will be used. 1. In the Old Testament, ____________________ describes how the Hebrew people
agreed to keep the Ten Commandments, and God agreed to be their God.
2. ____________________ is the Sacrament at the heart of Christian life, which we celebrate at every Mass.
3. At Mass, we profess our faith by saying the ____________________, which begins, “I believe in God.”
4. During the Mass, the ____________________ begins with preparing our gi s of bread and wine and ends with Holy Communion.
5.  e ____________________, from the Latin word meaning “garland of roses,” is a kind of prayer in honor of Mary.
6. On ____________________, we celebrate Jesus’ Death on the Cross for us by reading the story of his Passion from the Gospel of John.
Section B—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
7. As part of the covenant he made with the Israelites, God revealed to Moses the ____, which describe our key
duties to God, neighbors, and ourselves.
a. Beatitudes b. Ten Commandments c. proverbs
8. Mary’s prayerful response of praise to Elizabeth’s greeting is called the ____, a Latin word that means “to glorify.”
a. Annunciation b. Assumption c. Magni cat
9. During the 40 days of ____, we put ourselves to the test, just as Jesus did in the wilderness, and recognize
ways we want to grow as Christians.
a. Advent b. Lent c. Easter
10. ____ are stories Jesus told to teach us about the Kingdom of Heaven and help us see ourselves the way God sees us. a. Psalms b. Parables c. Epistles
11. A ____—an agreement between two human beings or between God and human beings—involves a two-way exchange of promises.
a. covenant b. psalm c. prophecy
12. During Advent, we prepare to celebrate the ____, the mystery of God’s Divine Son becoming man.
a. Incarnation b. Resurrection c. Ascension
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