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  Checking Up: Unit 3 (page 2 of 2) Name __________________________
       Section C—Complete each sentence using the correct word or words from the word bank. Not all words will be used.
11. A _________________ —an agreement between two human beings or between God and human beings—involves a two-way exchange of promises.
12. As part of the covenant he made with the Israelites, God revealed to Moses the ___________________________, which describe our key duties to God, neighbors, and ourselves.
13.  e  rst African American priest in the United States was ___________________, the son of slaves who had to go to Rome to study to be a priest.
14. During Lent, many people enter the catechumenate, a period of time during which people prepare to celebrate the Sacraments of ______________________ and become members of the Church.
15. Abraham and Sarah are the  rst ancestors of the _____________________, called by God to leave their homeland and families and go to a new land.
 Word Bank
Augustus Tolton covenant Initiation Josephine Bakhita People of Israel Ten Commandments

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