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  Checking Up: Unit 3 (page 1 of 2) Name __________________________
       Section A—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
1. The _______ during the Mass includes preparing the gifts of bread and wine, praying the Eucharistic Prayer, and
receiving Communion.
a. Introductory Rite b. Liturgy of the Word c. Liturgy of the Eucharist
2. The Anointing of the Sick is a _________.
a. Sacrament of Christian Initiation b. Sacrament of Healing c. Sacrament at the Service of
3. In the Gospel of the ________, we hear about the vision of the Risen Jesus that appears to Peter, James, and John on a high mountain.
a. Trans guration b. Prodigal Son c. Cleansing of the Temple
4. The forty days of ___________ invite us to put ourselves to the test, just as Jesus did in the wilderness, and to recognize ways we want to grow as Christians.
a. Lent b. Advent c. Ordinary Time
5. Jesus began his ministry by calling four _________ to journey with him, share his meals, hear his teaching, and witness his miracles.
a. tax collectors b. prophets c.  shermen
Section B—Write T on the line if the statement is true. Write F on the line if the statement is false.
Correct any false statements.
_____ 6. Mortal sin is the deliberate disobedience of God’s Law in a serious manner, such as the taking of a
human life.
_________________________________________________________________________________ _____ 7. In healing sick people, Jesus reaches out to others with anointing, a word that means to feel with.
_________________________________________________________________________________ _____ 8. Sacred Tradition is the Gospel message that has been handed down through the preaching of the
Apostles to the Church of the present day. _________________________________________________________________________________
_____ 9. At Mass, we profess our faith by saying the Lord’s Prayer, which begins, “I believe in God.” _________________________________________________________________________________
_____ 10. Con rmation is the Sacrament at the heart of Christian life, which we celebrate at every Mass. _________________________________________________________________________________
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