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 Checking Up: Unit 2
Name __________________________
   Section A—Complete each sentence with the correct word from the word bank.
1. God gives each person many ___________, like the ability to draw, sing, run, or tell jokes.
2. God promised the Hebrew people that he would send them a savior, or a ______________ —a word that means “anointed one.”
3. We show ______________when we are willing to forgive or help, or when we treat others as God treats us.
4. Jesus was born in __________________, which was also the birthplace of King David.
5. At Christmas, we celebrate the ______, the mystery of God’s divine Son becoming human.
Section B—Write the letter of the description from Column 2 that matches the term in Column 1.
 Word Bank
Bethlehem Incarnation mercy Messiah talents
 Column 1
____ 6. Liturgy of the Word ____ 7. John the Baptist
____ 8. Gabriel
____ 9. Our Lady of Guadalupe ____ 10. Works of Mercy
Column 2
a. Appeared to Saint Juan Diego in a vision and commanded him to tell his bishop to build a church for the Mother of God.
b. The part of the Mass when we listen to the Word of God from the Bible. c. Practical ways to love others every day and treat other people as Jesus
would treat them.
d. Angel who appeared to Mary and said, “Hail, Mary, you are full of grace!” e. Told the people that God was sending them a great leader and teacher.
 Section C—Circle the correct answer.
11. During the season of _______, we get ready to celebrate the coming of Jesus as a human baby at Christmas. Lent Ordinary Time Advent
12. On the Feast of the ______, we remember how the Magi followed the star to Bethlehem, where they found the Baby Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
Annunciation Advent Epiphany
13. Long ago, the prophet __________ said that God would send a messenger to prepare people for the coming of someone powerful and good.
Joseph Isaiah Daniel
14. During the __________, the angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will be the Mother of God.
Annunciation Proclamation Epiphany
15. What new name did Jesus give Simon, his disciple who Jesus called to be strong like a rock?
Samuel Peter John
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