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 Checking Up: Unit 1
Name __________________________
   Section A—Complete each sentence with the correct word or words from the word bank.
1. God gave us the ___________________________ to help us know and do what is right.
2. __________________ show us how to serve others and be good friends of Jesus.
3. Jesus is the Son of God and the Second Divine Person of the Holy ________________.
4. Turning our hearts and minds to God in prayer is one way we stay ready to meet ______________ in our daily lives.
5. The word __________________ means “good news,” especially the news of Jesus’ life, Death, and Resurrection. It also refers to the  rst four books of the New Testament.
Section B—Draw a line from the word in Column 2 that matches the description in Column 1.
 Word Bank
Gospel Jesus saints Ten
Commandments Trinity
 Column 1
6. People of God 7. prayer
8. penance
9. commandment
10. Jesus
Section C—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
11. Which of the following is the Great Commandment?
a. to love God above all things, and to love others as we love ourselves
b. to keep holy the sabbath day
c. to honor your father and mother
12. To bear false witness means to what? a. to close our eyes
b. to tell a lie
c. to call someone names
13. Jesus says that when we say no to something we really should do, we can ________.
a. have fun doing something else
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Column 2
a. This Hebrew name means “God saves.”
b. A rule or law that tells people how to act.
c. We are part of this, another name for the Church.
d. Talking and listening to God.
e. An action that shows sorrow and repentance for sin.
b. ask someone else to do it
c. change by choosing what is good and trying to
do what Jesus taught us
14. Who belongs to the church family?
a. you, your family and friends, people from all over the world and all time
b. the Pope, bishops, priests, c. both a and b
15. At every Mass we listen to readings from Holy Scripture, also called the __________.
 a. Bible
b. Liturgy c. catechism

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