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Section C—Complete each sentence with the correct word from the word bank.
13. ____________________________ is a time to wait for Jesus to come at Christmas.
14. __________________________ are people who studied the stars to  nd out about Jesus. 15. At the _________________ meal, Jesus took bread, broke it, and gave it to his disciples. 16. After the Resurrection, two of Jesus’ friends met him on the road to ________________. 17. Jesus lived in a region called ____________________________.
18. A rainbow was a sign of the covenant God made with ___________________________.
Section D—Circle the correct answer.
19. The word gospel means “______.”
testament good news writing
20. ______ means God’s life in us.
Grace Virtue Spirit
21. A ______ is an extraordinary event that is a sign of the power of God. virtue testament miracle
22. Jesus stayed in the desert for ______ days.
thirty forty  fty
23. In the Sacrament of ______ we ask Jesus for forgiveness.
Baptism Eucharist Reconciliation
24. The angel ______ told Mary that God had chosen her to be the mother of his Son, Jesus. Michael Gabriel Samuel
Section E—Complete each sentence with the correct word from the word bank. 25. Jesus is the _____________________.
26. __________________ was born in Bethlehem.
27. We are called to use ____________________ for the good of all people.
28. On Palm Sunday, we remember that the people welcomed Jesus into _______________. 29. The Three Persons of the _____________ are God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
30. _________________ appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico and told him to ask the bishop to build a church.
 Word Bank
Advent Emmaus Galilea Magi Noah Passover
   Word Bank
Creation Jerusalem Jesus Mary Messiah Trinity
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