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   Before we start the year, let’s take a few minutes to see what we already know about our Catholic Faith.
Section A—Circle True if the statement is true. Circle False if the statement is false.
1. Jesus taught his disciples the Hail Mary. True False
2. We pray the Creed at every Mass. True False
3. The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus’ followers at the Ascension. True False
4. God gave us Twelve Commandments to help us know and do what is right. True False
5. Penance is an action that shows sorrow and repentance for sin. True False
6. At every Mass we listen to readings from Holy Scripture, also called the Bible. True False
Section B—Write the letter of the person from Column 2 that matches the description in Column 1.
  Column 1
Column 2
a. Thomas
b. John the Baptist c. Jesus
d. Martin de Porres e. saints
f. Mark
7. Taught people to get ready for God 8. The Good Shepherd
9. Cared for the sick in Lima, Peru
10. Needed to see Jesus’ wounds to believe he had risen from the dead 11. One of the Gospel writers
12. Show us how to serve others and be good friends of Jesus

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