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Name __________________________
   Section A—Complete each sentence with the correct word from the word bank.
1. ___________________ is talking and listening to God with words, in our thoughts,
and in our hearts.
2. On the Feast of the ______________________, we remember how the Magi followed
the star to Bethlehem to bring the Baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
3. In the Sacrament of _________________________, God forgives our sins through the ministry of the priest.
4. During the _______________________ at Mass, we listen to readings from the Bible.
5. When his disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he taught them the
6. The ____________________ are practical ways to love others every day and treat other people as Jesus would treat them.
Section B—Circle the correct answer.
7. We praise God when we respect ___________ and care for the Earth as our home.
Creation the Good News the wealthy
8. To ___________ means to go without food or to eat less.
fast repent pray
9. The word ___________ means “good news,” especially the news of Jesus’ life, Death, and Resurrection. It also refers to the  rst four books of the New Testament.
Beatitudes Gospel Psalm
10. A ___________ is an extraordinary event, such as a healing, that is a sign of the power of God. miracle covenant commandment
11. At Christmas, we celebrate the ___________, the mystery of God’s divine Son becoming human. Incarnation Ascension Passover
12. The Sacraments of ___________ are Baptism, Con rmation, and the Eucharist. Healing Love Christian Initiation
 Word Bank
Epiphany Liturgy of the Word Lord’s Prayer prayer Reconciliation Works of Mercy
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