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 Checking Up: Unit 4
Name __________________________
   Section A—Complete each sentence with the correct word from the word bank.
1. On ________________, we celebrate the joy of Jesus’ Resurrection three days after his
Death on the Cross and burial in the tomb.
2. Jesus told his followers to be witnesses by sharing his __________________.
3. We praise God when we respect ______________ and care for the Earth as our home.
4. The Gospel tells us that __________________ is the vine, and we are the branches.
5. The Jewish feast of ____________________ remembers how God rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.
Section B—Circle the correct answer.
6. Just as a grain of wheat creates many new seeds when we plant it, Jesus says his Death will grow into the
saving power of the ______________.
Baptism Resurrection Last Judgment
7. Forty days after Easter, Jesus went to _____________ —an event we call the Ascension. Galilee a mountain Heaven
8. The __________ of a parish is its shepherd, a leader who protects and cares for his people. pastor deacon cantor
9. During __________, we follow the last days of Jesus’ life on earth—his entry into Jerusalem, his Last Supper with the Apostles, his Death on the Cross, and his Resurrection.
Advent Easter Holy Week
10. Jesus says that if we keep his ________ we will remain in his love.
beatitudes commandments secrets
Section C—Write the letter of the description from Column 2 that matches the term in Column 1.
 Word Bank
Creation Easter Good News Jesus Passover
  Column 1
____ 11. creed
____ 12. Pentecost
____ 13. Eucharist
____ 14. church community
____ 15. Mary Magdalene
Column 2
a. The sacrament we celebrate when we go to Mass and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.
b. A group of people who share the same beliefs and put their faith into action for the good of others.
c. The  rst person to discover Jesus’ empty tomb and to bring this news to the other disciples.
d. The day, 50 days after Easter, when the Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ disciples to be their helper and guide.
e. A short statement of our beliefs as Catholics that we pray at Sunday Mass and as part of the Rosary.
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