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 Checking Up: Unit 3
Name __________________________
   Section A—Complete each sentence with the correct word from the word bank.
1. ___________ is the season of the Church year when we prepare for Easter by praying,
sacri cing, and helping others.
2. A ______________ is an agreement between two people, or between God and people.
3. In the four Gospels, the ______________ tell the story and teachings of Jesus.
4. The Gospel about the __________________ gives us a vision of Jesus in risen glory, as
he will appear in Heaven.
5. When we go to Mass on Sunday, we keep the Third ____________________, which says we must keep the Sabbath holy.
Section B—Circle the correct answer.
6. One patron saint of African-American young people is Saint _______, a religion teacher in Uganda who was
killed because he refused to stop being Catholic.
Francis of Assisi Charles Lwanga Martin de Porres
7. In the Sacrament of ______, God forgives our sins through the ministry of the priest.
Holy Orders Con rmation Penance and Reconciliation
8. The season of Lent begins on __________.
Christmas Palm Sunday Ash Wednesday
9. When his disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he taught them the __________. Lord’s Prayer Hail Mary Angel of God
10. Lent lasts ________ days—the same number of days Jesus spent praying in the desert. forty twenty- ve seven
Section C—Write the letter of the description from Column 2 that matches the term in Column 1.
 Word Bank
Commandment covenant Evangelists Lent Trans guration
  Column 1
____ 11. vocation
____ 12. Galilee
____ 13. miracle
____ 14. fast
____ 15. Sacraments of Initiation
Column 2
a. Baptism, Con rmation, and the Eucharist.
b. An extraordinary event, such as a healing, that is a sign of the power of God.
c. To go without food, or to eat less, as Catholics do during Lent.
d. A call from God to live a life of love and holiness. Some men and women are called to married life, religious life, or the priesthood.
e. Region where Jesus grew up, in the northern part of what is now Israel. © 2018 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce these pages for classroom use.

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