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People listening to Jesus’ story in this Sunday’s Gospel may not have known that Jesus was referring to himself when he talked about
a grain of wheat. But they would have understood that a grain of wheat must crack or break open before it can sprout— and how that one broken kernel grows into a plant that produces dozens more. Follow the journey of a kernel of wheat to understand more about how Jesus is a like a grain of wheat.
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10:30 AM
Sprout Wheat grows everywhere in the world, from moderate temperatures to the tropics. It adapts to nearly every climate. How
do you keep going, even
in tough situations? Grow It takes about four months for a grain—or kernel—of wheat to grow into a mature plant. Assess the progress of your Lenten resolutions. Where can you improve?
Harvest U.S. farmers produce more than 2 billion bushels of wheat every year (there are about 36 bushels of wheat in a ton). Pray that everyone bene ts from this bounty—that farmers get a fair price and that all can eat the fruits of their labor.
Bake Wheat is the base of many of the most popular foods, including cereal, pasta, tortillas, and bagels. Donate a favorite food item this week,
One Grain of Wheat Becomes Many
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
March 18, 2018
5th Sunday of Lent Volume 37, Number 4
or make a treat for a friend or teacher.
Eat A family of four could live for 10 years from the bread that
is produced from the wheat grown on one acre! Attend Mass together as a family and then enjoy a meal together.
Share Experiences
Objectives l The young people will:
l Explore the life cycle of wheat and the process of making bread.
l Stage a play/drama based on the prophecies of Jeremiah, the prophet.
Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Lord By Your Cross” (CD-1, #16). Lyrics are available to download and print at
Gathering Prayer Pray this Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm, Psalm 51. Use the response: “Create a clean heart in me, O God.” Leader: Loving God, look with kindness on this class. With your great compassion, wipe away our imperfections and guilt. Response. Keep us close to you and renew in us your steadfast spirit. Response. We will work hard to share your joy with one another and bring your love to others. Response.
Cover Activity l One Grain of Wheat Becomes Many (page 1) Have your young people look carefully at
the photos and name the stages in the life cycle of wheat and the processing of that wheat into flour and bread. Note the time and effort that goes into every step of this process—the work of human hands. Ask the young people where they see themselves in the life cycle of wheat, where they might feel “planted.”
Play/Drama l Jeremiah, the Prophet (pages 2–3) Ask the young people to share what they know about prophets. Explain prophets speak for God, both threatening kings and people when they don’t keep the commandments and urging them to trust God’s love and faithfulness. God calls Jeremiah both to tear down and to build up. Assign parts. Read aloud or act out this historical drama.
Discuss the Talk questions on page 3. Answers:
1. Jeremiah reminds the people—especially the kings—to trust and honor their one God and to keep the
commandments. Like a lawyer he indicts the king and people for breaking God’s law. 2. Jeremiah still speaks to us about how God wants us to live and testifies to God’s faithfulness no matter what. 3. Like Jesus, Jeremiah is controversial. He suffers with the people under attack and suffers from officials seeking to kill him. He is a witness of how to live. 4. Open-ended.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives l The young people will:
l Interpret how Jesus is like a grain of wheat.
l Read Jeremiah’s prophesy about God’s new covenant with
Gospel Ritual Gather the young people in the area you have reserved for proclaiming the Gospel. Play and sing “Lenten Gospel Acclamation” (CD-1, #2).
Sunday Gospel l Jesus Is Like a Grain of Wheat (page 4) Have nine young people take the speaking parts and proclaim the Gospel.
Discuss the Talk questions on page 4. Answers:
1. Like a seed that dies to grow wheat, the worldwide Church grows out of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. Open-
ended. 2. People who are self-centered end up closing themselves off to others and God. 3. After his Resurrection, Jesus draws all who believe in him to himself. Faith in Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead is the heart of Christian faith.
Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l God Gathers Us Together as a People (page 4) Read this feature aloud to articulate meanings and images of Church—people of God, Body of Christ, family of God.
Turn to the Talk questions related to the doctrine on page 4. Answers: 1. Remind the young people of possible relatives—godparents, grandparents, a favorite great-
aunt or great-uncle; open-ended. 2. The nature of social media is that its influence—whether good or otherwise—grows quickly! Think of social media campaigns to support a young person who has been bullied, for example, or an effort to right some other wrong; encourage the real-life experiences of the young people.
Distribute the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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