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 Pray when I
Feel really happy when I
Have a friend who
Would love to go
Don’t understand people who
Worry about
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Almost every week, Visions asks you to share your opinions, thoughts, and feelings. But do your classmates really know you?
If you really knew me, you would know that I— Complete one statement.
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
May 13, 2018
The Ascension of the Lord/ 7th Sunday of Easter
Sign your name on the foot. Your
teacher will
ask everyone to pass their copy of Visions to the person on their right. You will have a few moments to write a positive adjective about that person on their foot. Keep
going until you write on each foot.
Share Experiences
Objectives l The young people will:
l Have the opportunity to share real feelings with their peers.
l Explore how well classmates really know each other.
Gather the children in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #14). Lyrics may be found at
Gathering Prayer Invite the young people to gather in the prayer circle. Start this class with prayer of thanksgiving. Ask the young people to go around and share aloud what lesson or experience from this class they are most grateful for. Everyone responds, “Thank you, loving God.”
Cover Activity l If you really knew me, you would know that I— (page 1) As your students arrive for class, hand out their Visions lessons and ask them to work complete the activity on the left on their own. Before they begin to write, set up the expectation that you would like them to share their responses with the class. Save the “foot” portion of the activity for later in this section.
Story l The Retreat (pages 2–3) If you have eighth- grade students, many of them will be able to relate to the young people in this feature. Before you read ask if they have ever been on a class trip or retreat. What do they remember about the experience? Take turns reading the story.
Discuss the Talk questions on page 3. Answers:
1. The narrator starts out only wanting to be with her friend Amy; she’s not very into the retreat and is skeptical
about the Holy Spirit. 2. Mrs. Warner wants everyone’s voice to
be heard. They may feel safer, more confident sharing after the team-building activities and prayer. 3. The Holy Spirit moves when people interact genuinely. Matt finds he has more guts with other kids’ support. Melissa inspires the narrator to be kind in the words she writes on her foot. The narrator stops judging her class and participates in the retreat.
l Direct the young people to return to the large foot on the cover. Direct them to sign their names where indicated and exchange copies with another student. Then instruct them to write one
or two positive adjectives that describe that person. When
they appear finished, ask them to exchange copies again. After everyone writes on each foot, give the young people time to read the responses. Ask which of the responses surprises them most.
Would really like to be
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives l The young people will:
l Respond to Jesus’ call to become his witnesses in the
l Trace the very beginnings of the Christian church in the
l Appreciate the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church
and in all of us.
Gospel Ritual Move to a special area you have set up for the Gospel reading. As you prepare the children to read this Sunday’s Gospel, play “Word of Truth and Life” (CD-1, #1).
Sunday Gospel l Jesus Commissions His Disciples To Be Witnesses (page 4) Choose six strong readers to proclaim the individual parts of the Gospel. Take the Narrator role yourself.
Discuss the Talk questions. Answers: 1. They will know by the signs that the Holy Spirit is with them.
2. The disciples will share the Good News. They can share
their eyewitness accounts of his healings, teachings, and his Death and Resurrection. 3. Open-ended. 4. She asks her classmates for forgiveness and urges all of them to treat each other with kindness.
Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l We Are Jesus’ Witnesses (page 4) Read aloud the doctrine to summarize the Sunday Gospel concept.
Turn to the Talk questions related to the doctrine, page 4. Answers: These are both open-ended discussion questions; however, you will want to facilitate the
brainstorming session, and prompt the young people to think
of people they have learned about this year who are Christian witnesses—whether famous, like Pope Francis, or less famous, like the young people who participate in the Attitudes questions or lead volunteer projects in their communities. Ask: How are young people like you acting as Jesus' witnesses?
Distribute the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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