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                                                                                                                                                                      May 6, 2018 • 6th Sunday of Easter
  Catholic Faith Word l Holy Trinity (page 5) Read aloud the description. Emphasize first that God is mystery, beyond knowing. Second, the Trinity is a communion of three persons in one love.
Our Catholic Faith l The Spirit Animates
Our Lives (page 5) Use the opening paragraph and four questions to introduce how spirit manifests in visible ways. Invite responses to the four questions about school spirit.
l Call attention to the fire illustration. Ask what other symbols the Bible uses for the Holy Spirit. Read aloud the section that begins with the capital S. Ask for questions.
l Read aloud the rest of the article on the Holy Trinity and Holy Spirit. Ask the group to suggest events when the Spirit acted in people. Emphasize that the Holy Spirit is always with us, not just when we are doing good.
Live the Gospel
Objectives l The young people will:
l Recognize the Holy Spirit is with them always.
l Appreciate their oneness with God in Jesus and the Holy
Spirit and with each other.
Living the Gospel l How Does the Holy Spirit Act in Us? (pages 6–7) Read the directions aloud, page 6, top left. Allow time for the students to read and respond individually to the dilemmas. Divide the class into threes or fours to discuss their responses.
Gather the groups back together. Lead the class through their responses to the dilemmas. Ask after each one which gifts or fruits of the Spirit show in these responses. Discuss as a class the two questions on page 6.
Closing Prayer l Spirit Prayer Service (page 8) Read through the prayer service to familiarize yourself with your role and the materials you will need. Choose a Leader and Reader for the prayer. Arrange the rest of the class into Chorus 1 and Chorus 2.
Read the directions (on page 7) for the Spirit Commitment Card aloud. Distribute scissors and give your young people a few moments to complete the cards (page 8 side) and cut them out. Collect the cards and pray the Spirit Prayer Service together. Encourage the young people to post the commitment cards they receive back in the prayer service somewhere in their homes (mirror, refrigerator) as a reminder.
Remind the young people to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the With My Family and Friends activities and prayer together.
  Lesson Wrap-Up
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         March 11, 2018
4th Sunday of Lent Year B
Answer the following questions based on the lesson.
1. What does Father Greg Boyle say is the surest way to save the life of a young person who lives in his violent community in East Los Angeles?
2. What does Homeboy Industries do for gang members?
3. In this Sunday’s Gospel, whom does Jesus say prefers the light? The dark?
4. How does John 3:16 summarize the entire Gospel?
5. What is your conscience? What forms a conscience?
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Use Activity #8 from the Visions Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.
Unit 4: We Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection l
Name ________________________________________
Jesus’ Mission to Save
God sent Jesus into the world for a purpose: to proclaim the Reign, or Kingdom,
of God. Jesus accepted his own sacrificial Death on the Cross to redeem all people from sin. He taught that sinful tendencies can harm humanity. He did and said many things to save us from this harm.
In the chart below, list destructive or sinful tendencies, what they destroy, and what Jesus said or did to save us from them. Follow the first two examples, which are given to get you started.
Activity 8
  Destructive Tendency
What It Destroys
What Jesus Said or Did to Save Us from It
Others’ reputations; relationships
“Be at peace with one another.”
Peace of mind
“My Father will take care of your needs.”
                The Paschal Mystery
they read this creed. However, emphasize that our creed states that we believe in a Triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Have the young people find all examples of the Holy Trinity in the words of the Nicene Creed.
Have the young people close their What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Visions, page 5.
  With My Family and Friends
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