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      For Catechists and Teachers
 Observing Lent, Celebrating Easter
The Visions lessons of Unit Four move us toward spring, Easter, and the culmination of the 2017–2018 year. Our catechetical
task is as simple as instilling in those we teach Jesus’ new commandment: love one another. It is as simple as repeating that God so loved the world that he sent Jesus to make us whole. God loves each of us unconditionally. It’s as simple as insisting the Holy Spirit is with us always. We can’t shake the Spirit.
As catechists, we are called to embody the Gospel message for those we teach and to witness to its importance in how we live. Our kindness and respect for our students can be the greatest lesson we teach. Taking their ideas and questions seriously shows our respect for their dignity as humans made in God’s image.
In keeping with spring, the Easter season, and Earth Day on April 22, Visions explores care for Creation in two lessons. Our recent popes and Patriarch Bartholomew I, who leads Orthodox Christians, urge us to work on sustaining our planet and developing simpler, more sustainable lifestyles. Ecology tends
to interest young people. If your parish or school has gardening projects or spring cleanup events, have your young people take part. Hands-on work will help them experience that they belong to the parish community. And young people shine when they have the chance to work physically and collaboratively.
Passion Play
Drama is an e ective teaching strategy. Young people tend to remember parts they have played because they use their senses and move and interact with their bodies. The extra work of putting on the play for others can have lasting value for the actors. Drama brings the Gospel alive.
Visions provides Jesus’ Passion narrative in dramatic form
in the Palm/Passion Sunday lesson, March 25 (see page TG4-8). Consider having the young people put on the play for other grades in the parish or school religion program. The Passion play requires minimal props.
Unit 4 Gospel Background
Each Lent, the whole Church works to deepen our response to Jesus. In our worship, we walk with Jesus to his self-giving Death and arise with him in his life-giving Resurrection. Christian faith is Easter faith. Jesus’Resurrection is the promise of our own. In the Sunday Gospels, we re ect with the earliest Christians on who Jesus is.
In the  rst lesson of this unit, the 5th Sunday of Lent (page TG4-4), we explore how Jesus’ Death and Resurrection are like the life cycle of a grain of wheat. Jesus’ Death is like a planting, in which one grain becomes a new stalk with many grains. This imagery anticipates the spread of the Good News after Jesus’ Resurrection and down throughout the centuries.
     March 18, 2018 5th Sunday of Lent
John 12:20–33
Jesus Is Like a Grain of Wheat
Option for the poor; call to family, community
        March 25, 2018 Palm/Passion Sunday
Mark 14:1–15.47 Jesus’ Passion
        April 1 & April 8, 2018 Easter & 2nd Easter
John 20:1–9/John 20:19–31
Jesus Is Risen and Greets His Friends
Call to family, community
        April 15, 2018
3rd Sunday of Easter
Luke 24:35–48
Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Early Christian communities in Acts
Call to community; rights and responsibilities
        April 22, 2018
4th Sunday of Easter
John 10:11–18
Jesus Is the Good Shepherd
Good shepherd, creator imagery
Human life is sacred, dignity of the human person; care for creation
        April 29, 2018
5th Sunday of Easter
John 15:1–8
Jesus Is the Vine, We Are the Branches
        May 6, 2018
6th Sunday of Easter
John 15:9–17 Love One Another
Holy Spirit
Rights and responsibilities
       May 13, 2018
Ascension of the Lord/7th Sunday of Easter
Mark 16:15–20/John 17:11b–19 Jesus’ Disciples Are His Witnesses
Acts of the Apostles
Call to community
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