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                                                                                                                                                                       April 1 & April 8, 2018 • Easter & 2nd Sunday of Easter
  Catholic Faith Word l Symbol (page 5) Have the class read aloud the definition to continue your discussion of Easter symbolism and to introduce the Living the Gospel activity.
Live the Gospel
Objectives l The young people will:
l Explore all that the Easter Vigil liturgy celebrates.
l Solve Easter puzzles that reinforce knowledge of the new
Liturgical season.
We Celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection and New Life (pages 6-7) Ask the young people if they have participated in the Easter Vigil, and, what they remember. Read aloud paragraphs one and two. A vigil is a time of waiting. At the Easter Vigil, we await Jesus’ Resurrection. Have the young people look at the pictures on page 6, and lead them through the order of the Easter Vigil service—
1. The Easter Vigil starts with the church darkened and the congregation outside where the priest lights a new fire. Use the photo to invite memories and read aloud the cutline.
2. Use the second photo to recall that a priest or deacon carries the newly lighted Easter candle into the darkened church.
3. Everyone lights a candle from the Easter candle as the photo at the top of page 6 shows. Ask who remembers this
experience. Ask what it symbolizes and why it is close to the baptismal font. The Easter candle symbolizes the Risen Jesus; the spreading light shows we share the light and life of his Resurrection through Baptism.
4. Have your young people use the quotes and illustrations to identify the stories people hear—creation, Exodus, the words of prophets.
Then use the photos and captions on page 7 to explain why the Church baptizes new Christians at the Easter Vigil. Finally, have your young people follow the directions to write My Easter Prayer. Use it in the Celebrate Easter section as the Closing Prayer for your class.
Puzzle l Easter.Dot.Game and A Decade of Days (page 8) Allow time for the young people to play the game and complete the puzzles in class, or encourage them to enjoy the page on their own. Answers: 1. daybreak (or daylight), 2. daydream, 3. Friday, 4. birthday, 5. weekday, 6. Dayton, 7. holiday, 8. payday, 9. May Day, 10. Sunday
Closing Prayer l Celebrate Easter (page 7) Gather in a prayer circle with a candle and a bowl of holy water at the center. Begin the prayer service and invite the young people to read aloud the “All” parts. Give each one time to read aloud their Easter prayer and bless themselves with the holy water. Close by singing “Easter Alleluia” (CD-2, #1) or “He Lives!” (CD-2, #3).
Remind the young people to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the With My Family and Friends activities and prayer together.
  Lesson Wrap-Up
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        March 11, 2018
4th Sunday of Lent Year B
Answer the following questions based on the lesson.
1. What does Father Greg Boyle say is the surest way to save the life of a young person who lives in his violent community in East Los Angeles?
2. What does Homeboy Industries do for gang members?
3. In this Sunday’s Gospel, whom does Jesus say prefers the light? The dark?
4. How does John 3:16 summarize the entire Gospel?
5. What is your conscience? What forms a conscience?
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                  Visit to download this week’s lesson review.
Use Activity #15 from the Visions Activity Book as a take- home activity or lesson wrap-up.
Unit 4: We Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection l
Name ________________________________________
Baptism Word Search
In the Sacrament of Baptism, we begin new life in Christ. We become temples of the Holy Spirit, and adopted sons and daughters of God the Father. Baptism wipes away Original Sin and any personal sins we may have committed (especially for those baptized as older children or adults). For these reasons, Baptism is necessary for our salvation.
Complete the word search below. Can you find all the words related to the Sacrament of Baptism?
Activity 15
Sacrament of Baptism
 adoptive candidate candle character desire forgiveness grace immerse imprint intention minister necessary pour
oil sacrament salvation water
          Turn to page 22 and invite the group to briefly recall signs and symbols they see in church for Easter and signs and symbols of new life they have seen in the photos on the cover of this Visions lesson. Read aloud the first two paragraphs about Baptism.
Ask the following questions:
l Why are we baptized? Forgiveness of Original Sin and all personal sins; the Church teaches that Baptism is necessary for salvation.
l Who can baptize? Bishops, priests, deacons (in case of necessity, any person with the right intention can baptize with holy water)
l What are the words used when someone is baptized?
“I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”
l What happens if someone dies before they are baptized? Those who suffer death for their faith and those who desire baptism but die before they receive the sacrament will still receive the benefits of the Sacrament.
Invite everyone to make the Sign of the Cross with newly blessed holy water.
Have the young people close their What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Visions, page 5.
  With My Family and Friends
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