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 UNIT 4 OVERVIEW: We Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
 Sacraments & Liturgy
Life in Christ
Christian Prayer
         Jesus is like a grain of wheat (CCC, 629, 658)
Eucharist: The Lord’s Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
        Jesus gives his life for us (CCC, 626–628)
Holy Week/Triduum
Walking with Jesus
Nicene, Apostles’ creeds
        Jesus leads us from death to life (CCC, 620)
Church scavenger hunt
Easter Prayer: O Sons and Daughters
        Jesus’ disciples witness him risen from death (CCC, 656, 658)
Eucharistic Prayer
Missionaries; spreading the Good News
Eucharistic Prayer
        Jesus is our good shepherd (CCC, 805)
Protecting God’s creation: water, air
Meditative prayer; Rosary
        Jesus uni es his Church (CCC, 820); we are Jesus’ witnesses (CCC, 561)
Church leaders; virtues
Prayer cards
        Jesus makes charity his new commandment (CCC, 1972)
Mary timeline
Hail Mary, Memorare; Summer spirit prayer
       Jesus sends his disciples (CCC, 1122)
Sacraments of Initiation
Resolving con icts
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
                                                                                  Catechists Spread Good News, Holy Spirit
Our catechetical task is to echo the Gospel in our time. This task
is as simple as repeating that God so loved the world that he sent Jesus to make us whole. God loves each of us unconditionally. Our task is as simple as insisting the Holy Spirit is with us always. And we can’t shake the Spirit!
Though this task may be simple, showing up for weekly classes and preparing lessons can be demanding and di cult at times. We encounter in one another the mystery of the human person and the mystery of God at work in our lives. As catechists and teachers, we embody the Gospel message for those we teach and witness to its importance in how we live. Our kindness and respect for our students can be the greatest lesson we teach— taking their ideas and questions seriously.
Venture continues to emphasize Catholic Social Teaching in this unit—especially solidarity with our brothers and sisters in our neighborhoods and in the world and care for God’s Creation. Both Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew I, who leads Orthodox Christians, are examples of ecumenism and good stewardship. They urge us to work on global ecology issues and our own sustainable lifestyles. Children are more aware of the dangers to our planet than adults. Prepare to learn from them.
Late Close Lessons
If your Venture sessions continue after the last regular lesson
of the year on May 13, you may wish to use the Late Close Lessons—Celebrate Creation, Exploring Parables, and Celebrate Pentecost—that are available to download and print at Click on the Catechists-Teachers tab, then select Venture and Late Close Lessons on the menu. There are three additional Late Close Lessons in the Venture Activity Book, including The Greatness of Saints, Devotion to Mary, and The Descent of the Holy Spirit.
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          All numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
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