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 Jesus Is Risen!
Before Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, his followers knew him as a friend and teacher. After fGroiednrdasisuesdedJemsuasnytotitnlews tliofe,xhpirsess whoJesusis.
Find Jesus’ many titles in the Lmoaorkgivnesratincdalilny,tdhieagEoansatellry,word nd. horizontally, and even backward.
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April 1 & April 8, 2018
Easter & 2nd Sunday of Easter
Share Experiences
Objectives l The children will: l Recognize Jesus’ many titles.
l Follow three children their own age through their baptismal journeys.
Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Easter Song” (CD-2, #4). Lyrics may be found at
Gathering Prayer Wish the children the joy of the Easter season. Ask them to think of something they are especially grateful for this Easter. Give them an opportunity to share their thanks aloud.
Cover Activity/Wordfind l Jesus Is Risen!
(page 1) Have the children look at the drawing of Jesus and describe the feelings the drawing expresses. Ask the children to brainstorm titles that describe who Jesus is. Allow time for them to complete the activity. The hidden titles for Jesus are listed lower left.
Article l Three Easter Christians (pages 2–3) Prepare the children to read this interview by asking which of them remembers his or her own Baptism. Most were probably baptized as infants. Ask what stories about their baptisms they hear from people who were there. Have the children turn to page 2 and look at the font and the three children. Read the story aloud as a group, with di erent children taking each paragraph. They will enjoy hearing the distinct voices of the three children.
After the reading, discuss the Think questions on page 3. Answers: 1. Open-ended. 2. Most parishes schedule Baptisms for the Easter Vigil because it is the night
of Jesus’ rising from the tomb. Being immersed in the waters of the font and rising to new life makes new followers of Jesus. 3. Point out that the children received all three Sacraments of Initiation— Baptism, Con rmation, and Eucharist. Initiation means becoming a full member of a group. Older children and adults usually receive all three sacraments at their baptisms. Conclude by asking how our church family supports us as Trans guration Parish supports the three children.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives l The children will:
l Learn how the first witnesses to the Risen Jesus believed in different ways.
l Understand that Baptism is a commitment to following Jesus.
Gospel Ritual Move to the area you have set up for the Gospel reading. You may choose to set up your prayer space ahead of class or have volunteers set the bible, cloth, candle, and whatever other items you include as a part of your ritual. As you prepare the children to proclaim this Sunday’s Gospel, play “Easter Alleluia” (CD-2, #1).
Sunday Gospel l Jesus Is Risen! (pages 2–3) This long Gospel is actually three stories: the Easter morning Gospel,
the Gospel for the 2nd Sunday of Easter, and the reading about
Mary Magdalene that John includes between them. Choose readers to proclaim the parts of Narrator 1, Mary Magdalene, Narrator 2, Beloved Disciple, Jesus, and Thomas, and assign the rest of the class to be Angels and Other Disciples. Because this Gospel is so long, act it out in a large, open space, moving from one corner to the next with each new scene.
Discuss the Think questions on page 5. Answers: 1. They see the stone has been moved away, that the tomb is empty, and the wrappings used to cover Jesus’ body are there but
Jesus is not. They think someone has taken Jesus. 2. He feels anxious and eager to see the tomb and interested and concerned at what he saw there. He believes immediately because he has great faith. 3. Mary is an eager believer; she believes in Jesus and recognizes him when she hears him call her name. 4. They fear those who crucified Jesus and are ashamed they left Jesus. Jesus sends them to tell everyone God has raised him up and to bring peace and forgiveness to people. 5. He wants to see Jesus before he believes. He believes when he touches Jesus’ wounds.
Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l Jesus Gives Us Joy (page 5) Read aloud this feature as a summary of Sunday’s Gospel concept of Jesus’giving us new life through his Resurrection.
Turn to the Think questions on page 5. These are all open-ended discussion questions, but encourage everyone to participate. Lent is a preparatory season—a time for
us to grow and change. However, remind the children that Lent is not the only time they can grow closer to God through prayers and thoughtful practices, nor should they abandon the Lenten commitments they made.
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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