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 Draw a line connecting each day of Holy Week with its symbol and photo.
Palm/Passion Sunday March 25, 2018 Holy Week begins this Sunday when
Holy Thursday March 29, 2018 Jesus ate a supper
with his friends on the night before he died. This meal celebrated Passover, the Jewish feast remembering the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt. At this supper, Jesus changed bread and wine into his Body and Blood. Then he washed his friends’ feet as a sign
Good Friday March 30, 2018 Good Friday is the day we remember Jesus’ Death on the Cross. In our worship on this day, we read the story of Jesus’ Passion and Death, we honor the Cross, we pray for the needs of the whole world, and we receive Holy Communion.
Easter Vigil
we receive palm branches to remember how the people of Jerusalem waved palms to welcome Jesus. We also hear the Gospel story of Jesus’ Passion. The Liturgy moves from triumph to suffering.
of his love.
On Holy Saturday, we gather and pray at
night, keeping a vigil
until we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection. This is the holiest night of the year for Christians. We light the new Easter candle, retell the whole history
of God’s love for us from the beginning of creation, bless water and baptize new Christians, and celebrate the Easter Eucharist.
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The Holiest Days of the Christian Year
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
March 25, 2018
Palm/Passion Sunday
April 1, 2018
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Share Experiences
Objectives l The children will:
l Recognize the events in Jesus’ life that the days of Holy Week celebrate.
l Interpret the story and symbols of Palm Sunday.
Cover Activity l The Holiest Days of the Christian Year (page 1) Gather in a prayer circle, and distribute pages 1-4 of this week’s Venture lesson along with
pens or pencils. Have the children take turns reading aloud the paragraphs introducing the days of Holy Week. Announce the times of the Holy Week services in your parish, so the children can write them next to the dates in their lessons.
Gathering Prayer-Hymn l All Glory, Laud, and Honor (pages 2–3) Teach the refrain of this song to the children on page 3, or have someone else from your school or parish teach it. Or, play a recording or video and lead the children in singing along. Ask volunteers to read the stanzas aloud. Read the instruction at upper right and give the children time to find the words of praise, honor, and respect. Glory, laud (which means praise), honor, and hosanna (which means God save your people) are all in the refrain. Other words are king, blessed one, anthems and hymns, exalted, source of love, Savior. Give the children time to write these words on the palm fronds.
Then pray together. Leader: Loving God, during this Holy Week, we will walk with your Son, Jesus, as he suffers and dies for our salvation. Give us the quiet space we need to meet you in every Liturgy during these holy days. In your name, we pray. All: Amen.
Holy Week l Palm/Passion Sunday (page 2) Ask the children to tell you all they remember about past Palm Sundays in their parish. Use the illustrations on page 2 to remind them of the palms and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Children who are altar servers may have taken a special part.
Palm/Passion Sunday Gospel l Jesus Enters Jerusalem (page 2) Have children take the parts of Narrators 1–3, Jesus, Boy, and Girl. Divide the rest of the class into Bystanders and Disciples. Proclaim the Gospel.
Discuss the Think questions on page 2. Answers:
1. They get a donkey for Jesus, spread their cloaks on the ground, cut and scatter leafy branches on the ground, and
cry out, “Hosanna.” 2. Ideas for welcoming people include a red carpet, flowers, banners or flags, posters, keys to the school. 3. The cross and palms as well as any modern symbols of welcome could express belief in Jesus.
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objectives l The children will:
l Role-play five scenes from Jesus’ Passion and Death from John’s Gospel.
l Review Christian beliefs as stated in The Apostles’ Creed.
Good Friday Gospel l The Story of Jesus’ Passion (page 4) On Palm/Passion Sunday, we hear Jesus’ Passion story according to Mark. On Good Friday, we read John’s version. This activity invites children to take the latter and act it out in scenes. Involving them in studying and planning a part of the Passion will help the children remember and appreciate Jesus’ experience of where his love for us takes him.
The children may present each scene totally in mime, with a child or children reading the Scripture passage, or they may create speaking parts. Encourage the children to read Mark’s Passion story at home with their families this week.
Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l Jesus Shows His Love for All (page 3) Read aloud
this summary of the doctrine as it relates to the Holy Week readings, especially Palm/Passion Sunday and Good Friday.
Turn to the Think questions on page 3. Answers: The responses to these questions are open-ended; however, they should lead to answering why Catholics make Lenten
commitments. Ask: How did your Lenten resolutions keep God
in your heart and mind? Was it through prayer? Or perhaps you thought of the sacrifice of Jesus every time you remembered that you gave up a special snack or ritual (checking your texts or social media every few minutes)? Conclude this section by asking: Do you feel changed? In what way(s)?
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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