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 UNIT 4 OVERVIEW: We Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
 Sacraments & Liturgy
Life in Christ
Christian Prayer
          Jesus nourishes us with his Body and Blood (#805)
Eucharist: bread is Jesus’ Body
Lenten practices: Eucharist
Eucharistic Prayer
          Jesus su ers, dies, and is raised up (#620)
Adoration of the Cross
Remembering Jesus’ last days
Hosanna; Adoration of the Cross
          God raises Jesus to new life (#658)
Easter symbols
Witnessing to Jesus’ Resurrection
          Jesus is present in the Church (#935)
Eucharist: Creed
Showing belief in the Resurrection
The Creed
          Jesus is our Good Shepherd (#620, 2415–2417)
Creation reveals God to us
Showing care for all that lives
Thanksgiving for Creation
          We are the Body of Christ (#805)
The Mass is about Jesus with us
Recognizing Jesus in each other
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
          Jesus’ rule is love (#1337, 1823)
Church community
Showing love
Letter-prayer to Mary; Hail Mary
          Jesus returns to the Father (#665–667)
Celebrating the Ascension and Pentecost
Sharing the Good News
Holy Spirit prayer
                                                                                  l Jesus nourishes us with his Body and Blood l Jesus suffers and dies.
l God raises Jesus up.
l Jesus appears to his disciples.
l Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
l We belong to a church family.
l Jesus has one commandment: Love one another. l We have the Spirit of Jesus.
Children of Good News age think out and make moral judgments with themselves and their concrete world at the center. The realistic stories in this unit raise moral conflicts familiar to them. The stories challenge the children to test the choices they make against Jesus’ teaching. The themes of the stories—sharing, jealousy, death of a pet, forgiving and being forgiven—will help the children understand Jesus’ teaching in the light of their own lives.
We all learn to pray by praying. Each Good News guide provides opening and closing prayers. The fact that the lessons are based on the Sunday readings encourages the children to participate actively in the Sunday Eucharist. The Holy Spirit prayer in the final lesson incorporates singing a Spirit song, a sure way to help the children remember after they leave the classroom that the Spirit is with them in their daily lives.
Late Close Lessons
If your Good News sessions continue after the last Sunday
in this unit (May 13), you may wish to use the reproducible lessons on Creation, the Ascension of Jesus, and Pentecost that are available at Go to Catechists- Teachers>Good News>Early Start/Late Close Lessons. There are three additional Late Close Lessons in the Good News Activity Book. These topics are Mary, Prayer, and Pentecost.
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PFLAUM Gospel Resources of the Week
          All numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
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 Unit 4: We Celebrate Jesus’ Death and Resurrection l

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