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 UNIT 3 OVERVIEW: Jesus Calls Us to Follow Him
  Sacraments & Liturgy
Life in Christ
Christian Prayer
         Jesus calls  shers of people (CCC, 849)
Sacred Tradition
Learning about Jesus’ home
Prayers of petition
        Jesus has healing power, teaches with authority (CCC, 548–550)
Living Gospel teaching
The Lord’s Prayer
        Jesus’ life is a continual teaching (CCC, 561)
Anointing of the Sick
Being compassionate
Healing prayer
        Jesus brings healing (CCC, 561)
Eucharist: Holy Communion
Welcoming the homeless
Ash Wednesday prayer service
        Jesus faces temptation (CCC, 538–540)
Covenants, commandments
Lenten commitments
        Jesus wants us to share his divinity (CCC, 460)
4th Commandment: Honoring parents
Teacher thank-you prayer
        Jesus calls us to holiness (CCC, 2052–2055)
5th Commandment: Protecting life; Keeping commandments
Stations of the Cross
       Jesus shows God’s love (CCC, 620)
Sacraments of Initiation, Reconciliation; Creed
8th Commandment: True and loving actions
                                                                                 he goes to pray and to be trans gured. The children learn that a Gospel is not a  lm or recording of these events, but is a narrative shaped by believers in Jesus who told his stories to each other for 40 years before the Gospel writer Mark wrote them down.
Catholic Social Teaching
In 1998, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement entitled Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions. The bishops identi ed seven principles of Catholic social teaching. They encouraged pastors and educators to integrate Catholic social thought and
principles into the everyday practice of
Catholic education at all levels. In its stories
and activities, Venture gives children
models of social justice as well as practice in
evaluating situations and making decisions
based on Catholic social principles. These
principles are described on page 51 of the
children’s What the Church Believes and
Teaches Catechism handbooks.
In Venture, the children will learn the story of the unheralded women who made the Montgomery bus boycott a reality and
brought the civil rights movement forward a giant step. Stories about situations they might encounter in their own young lives give the children an opportunity to consider how they might act. It also provides numerous opportunities for the children to apply their knowledge of Catholic social teaching.
Lent Begins
The Church calendar turns to Lent, which begins this year on Ash Wednesday, February 14. This is a great day for participation in a school or parish liturgy. Venture also provides an Ash Wednesday
prayer service (February 11 lesson), which you may wish to have your children also share with their families at home.
This unit invites the children to consider the covenants God made with Noah and with Moses, after which
they will write both class and personal covenants. They will also continue their study of the Ten Commandments they began last fall. In this unit, they will participate in activities focused on the Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Commandments.
           All numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
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