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                                                                                                                               February 11, 2018 • 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 Catholic Faith Word l Homily (page 5) Read the de nition to introduce the Our Catholic Faith feature. Ask the children whether they can remember any examples or stories their parish priest shared in his last homily.
Our Catholic Faith l Holy Communion Makes Us a Holy Community (page 5) For most Catholics, attending Mass is not complete unless one also receives Communion. We think of this as a personal welcoming of Jesus into our hearts and lives. It is also a sign that we are part of the community of Jesus’ followers. Read the article aloud together and allow plenty of time to complete the questions.
Live the Gospel
Objectives l The children will:
l Continue work on their Gospel booklets.
l Celebrate an Ash Wednesday prayer service.
Activity l Gospel Booklet (pages 7—8) This Gospel activity completes the booklet which the children began in their previous lesson. Read aloud the text on page 7. Give the children their copies of the booklets they created in their last session. Then distribute scissors, tape, and Bibles. Have the children cut out the booklet on page 7, make the three folds, and tape the two parts together. Have a completed booklet as a model for the children to view. Finally, invite the children to  ll in their names on the booklet’s back cover.
Ask the children to open to Day 2, Noon, and explain what they see happening. Read the text aloud and have the children
use their Bibles to look up and  ll in the missing word (serve). Direct the children to turn to Day 3 in the booklets. Ask them to identify the disciples in the picture (Peter, Andrew, James, John, and Peter’s mother-in-law).
Turn to Day 4. Have the children locate Jesus and his disciples in the picture. Have them use their Bibles to answer the questions in the text (Answers: in the desert; the Good News).
Have the children look at Day 5 and use their Bibles to complete the activity. (Answer: Restored to wholeness, the man feels moved to spread the Good News of Jesus far and wide.)
Closing Prayer l We Celebrate Ash Wednesday (page 6) Remind the children that Lent begins on Wednesday, February 14. Lent is a time to turn closer to God. We do this through prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. Remind the children that Lent is also a time of preparation. Many Catholics commit
to Lenten resolutions, in which we choose to give of ourselves or work toward better habits.
Invite other classes to join you as you celebrate this prayer service. There are many speaking parts. Try to involve as many children as possible, especially those who do not always participate. Conclude your time together by playing “Remember You Are Dust” from the Venture/Visions Music CD, CD-1, #10).
Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the With My Family and Friends activities and prayer together.
                   Lesson Wrap-Up
  November 12, 2017
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A
Answer the following questions based on the lesson.
1. In the Sunday Gospel, what do we learn from the foolish girls’ mistake?
2. What is their consequence for getting more oil?
3. Name two ways we can prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming.
4. When do we pray psalms?
5. In the story “The Happy Dance,” why isn’t Juan prepared for the talent show?
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                    Visit to download this week’s lesson review.
Use Activity #30 from the Venture Activity Book as a take- home activity or lesson wrap-up.
Name ________________________________________________
Six Kinds of Prayer
We have six ways to talk to God in prayer: blessing and adoration, petition, intercession, thanksgiving, praise, and contrition. See pages 40 to 42 of your Catechism handbook for a description of each.
In each frame, write a one-sentence prayer from your heart for each kind of prayer.
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Unit 3: Jesus Calls Us to Follow Him l
 Blessing and Adoration
Ask: What kinds of prayers do you pray? Their answers will range from the common prayers of the Church such as the Hail Mary and the Lord’s Prayer to spontaneous prayers of petition or thanks.
Ask: To whom do you pray? Many children may pray to Saint Anthony for help finding lost things because their parents or grandparents do. Hispanic families may have images of Our Lady of Guadalupe in their homes. Children may have medals of other saints to whom they pray. Mary and Jesus will be the most popular.
Arrange your class into six groups. Let each group read about one of the kinds of prayer on page 40 in their What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks. Each group decides how to teach that kind of prayer to the rest of the class. Plan to continue this activity next week.
Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Venture, page 5.
  With My Family and Friends
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