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 UNIT 3 OVERVIEW: Jesus Calls Us to Follow Him
 Sacraments & Liturgy
Life in Christ
Christian Prayer
        Jesus calls  shers of people (#849)
Eucharist: sharing Good News
Learning about Jesus’ home
Vocation prayer
         Jesus has healing power (#548–550)
Using our power for good
Act of Contrition
         Jesus’ life is a continual teaching (#561)
Eucharist: Gospel; Anointing; signs and symbols
Model of saints: black saints, Martin de Porres
Litany of Saints
         Saints show the power of the Spirit in us (#961)
Preparing for Lent; Church year
Eucharist: Lord’s Prayer
Model of saints: Damien of Molokai
Lenten prayer
         Jesus chooses his Father (#538–540)
Lenten calendar
Lenten practice: praying
Stations of the Cross
         Jesus is both human and divine (#460, 568)
Lenten practice: giving
Lord’s Prayer
         Jesus calls us to holiness (#2052– 2055)
Ten Commandments
Lenten practice: fasting
Prayer of thanks
        Jesus shows God’s love (#620)
Sacraments of Initiation, Reconciliation
Lenten practices: loving and forgiving
Reconciliation prayer service
                                                                                 dynamic healing and liberating power breaks into the human community. The Gospels for the 3rd and 4th Sundays of Lent come from John’s Gospel. Readings from the Gospel of John appear
in all three Lectionary cycles, especially during the seasons of Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter.
Keeping Lent
Good News children are at a great age for participating in Lenten practices. They enjoy taking on a simple task and completing it,
either by themselves
or with others. At the end of this Lent, the children will have a calendar with  ve Lenten words on it— Pray, Give, Fast, Love, Grow—and a visual record of how they put those words into action in their own lives.
If you are using the Gospel Weeklies to help prepare children for initiation into the
Church at Easter (including Baptism), your parish will likely
use the Cycle A readings for the Scrutinies on the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Sundays of Lent. P aum provides these three Cycle
A lessons for Promise, Good News, Venture, and Visions online to be substituted as needed for Cycle B and C lessons. Visit for these Cycle A lessons and Teaching Guides.
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PFLAUM Gospel Resources of the Week
          All numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
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Unit 3: Jesus Calls Us to Follow Him l

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