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 A Jesus Quiz
What have you learned about Jesus so far this year?
Do the activities and make the word on your Lenten Calendar.
BuGy a box or can of food with your own money for the food drive.
PutEsome of your own money in the collection on
GiveIone of your toys to a child who really needs it.
AskVan older person to tell about when he or she was young. Listen
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10/11/17 12:12 AM
Jesus Is Human Like Us
l Name Jesus’
Jesus Is a Teacher
human parents. l In what city was Jesus born?
l Who were Jesus’ first followers?
l What is Jesus’ Great Commandment? l What does Jesus say to do
for a hungry person?
l What does Jesus say to do
for a sick person? l What prayer did Jesus teach his
Jesus Is the Son of God
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
l What does Jesus’ name mean?
l Who followed a star to find Jesus?
l What happened on the third day after Jesus’ Death?
February 25, 2018
2nd Sunday of Lent
Jesus Is a Healer
l When Jesus forgave, what else happened? l Who was Jesus’ first
woman follower? l What skin disease did Jesus heal?
Share Experiences
Objectives l The children will:
l Review their understanding of Jesus’ two natures, human and divine.
l Appreciate the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.
Begin Good News class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).
Gathering Prayer Gather in the area where you usually proclaim the Gospel. Have a copy of the Bible open to Matthew 6:9–13, the Lord’s Prayer. Tell the children that the Bible contains the Gospels. Four di erent people (Evangelists, Catholic Faith Word from lesson for 2/4/18) listened to the stories about Jesus that people told them. Then they wrote them down so we could know the stories too. One of the Evangelists, Matthew, wrote down a prayer Jesus taught to people. Ask: Can they guess what the prayer is called? Let the children come up one by one, look at the Bible passage, and notice that the Lord’s Prayer is that prayer. Then pray the Lord’s Prayer together to begin class.
Cover Activity l A Jesus Quiz (page 1) This Sunday’s Gospel is a story of a way God revealed Jesus’ identity to three
of his followers. Although they have been with him for many months, watching him heal and listening to him teach, they
have not grasped his identity as God’s own Son. The children, too, are on a lifelong quest to know Jesus and take on his spirit and mission. The cover quiz helps them see how much they have already learned about Jesus.
l Jesus Is Human Like Us: Mary and Joseph; Bethlehem; Peter,
Andrew, James, and John
l Jesus Is the Son of God: God saves; the Magi; Resurrection
l Jesus Is a Healer: the man could walk; Peter’s mother-in-law,
Mary is also acceptable; leprosy
l Jesus Is a Teacher: love God and neighbor; feed the person; visit
the person; Lord’s Prayer
Article l Big Changes! (page 2) When Jesus was trans gured, the change in his appearance frightened his disciples. Change is hard for most of us, even children. God is good to us by giving us many changes in the natural world to get us used to its inevitability and its beauty.
Read the butter y article aloud together, pausing to  nd the photos described in the text. There are many books for children about butter ies. Have some available if possible.
Discuss the Know questions related to the article. Use the questions to review the article and to help the children see growth and change in their own lives.
Activity l Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “Come and Follow Me” (CD-2, #14).
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will recognize Jesus’ specialness as God’s Son.
Play and sing “Glory and Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ” (CD-2, #23) as preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus Is God’s Son (page 3) Identify Jesus, Moses and Elijah (left), and Peter, James, and John (right) in the illustration. Ask how the disciples might have felt. Surprised. Appoint seven children to proclaim the Gospel.
Discuss the Know question related to the Gospel. Draw out the children’s responses by asking: What do Jesus’ dazzling clothes show about who he is? Jesus
is very special. He becomes full of light when he prays to God.
This is an image of how Jesus might appear in Heaven after his Resurrection. Ask: What does Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah show? That Jesus is even greater than these two famous people. Ask: What does the voice tell about who Jesus is? Jesus is the Son of God, the person closest to God.
Catholic Faith Word l Transfiguration (page 2) Read the definition aloud to the children to conclude this part of the lesson.
Connecting Gospel and Doctrine (page3) Read“JesusCallsUstoGlory.”Helpthechildren see the connection between Jesus’Transfiguration and his promise of Heaven to his followers.
Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.
Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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