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                                                                                                                                                                     Teaching This Week’s Lesson
                Share Experiences
Objectives l The children will:
l Recall what they Know about Lent.
l Recognize Mark as one of the proclaimers of Jesus’ life and
l Become familiar with the story of God’s rainbow covenant
with Noah.
Begin Good News class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).
Gathering Prayer Ask: What is Lent? How does your family keep Lent? Receive ashes on Ash Wednesday, go to Mass more frequently, special Lenten devotions, CRS Rice Bowl collections, Stations of the Cross, fast and abstain from meat, give up favorite food, do good actions. Tell the children Lent is also about learning more about God’s love for people and ways people can respond to God in love.
Pray: “Loving God, help us to use the time of Lent to grow closer to you and each other. Give us hearts that love the poor and help us make sacri ces that will help them. We want to love you and your people better. In Jesus’name, we pray.”The children respond, “Amen.”
Article l A Man Who Listened (page 2) After the children have read the title, ask them to speculate who the man in the illustration might be. The man is Saint Mark, who wrote down the stories about Jesus that have been in our Good News lessons for the last  ve weeks. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, who helps Mark decide what to write. Mark is the  rst person to write a Gospel. Matthew, Luke, and John wrote 10 or more years after Mark.
Read the page aloud together, pausing after each paragraph to check the children’s comprehension. They will be able to relate to how scared people felt when the Roman army destroyed the Temple. Mark told his stories so people would remember Jesus would always be with them, no matter what.
Discuss the Know questions related to the article.
1. Mark traveled with Paul and heard his stories about Jesus. He also learned about Jesus from the stories people
told at the Sunday gatherings. 2. Mark wrote his friends when they were hiding and trying to keep out of the war between the Jews and the Romans. Mark tells us God raised Jesus to new life and would raise up Jesus’ followers too. Conclude by asking the children to share a story they remember about Jesus.
Old Testament Story l God Makes a Covenant with Noah (page 1) Move to the work area so the children can place their copies of Good News on their desks or tabletops. Tell the children they are going to learn about a man from Old Testament times who also listened to God and acted on his commands.
Read the title of the page to the children. Ask: Do you know what covenant means? If not, show them the de nition on page 2. Read the cover story aloud together. If you have any children’s songs about Noah and the ark, play them for the children and do creative movement to the words.
Catholic Faith Word l Covenant (page 2) Make sure the children understand the meaning of this term.
Activity l Stretch and Sing Lead the children around the room as you play and sing “God’s Love Is...” (CD-2, #6).
Discover Gospel and Doctrine
Objective The children will recognize that Jesus’ time in the desert brought him close to God.
Play and sing “Glory and Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ” (CD-2, #23) as preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel. Note that we don’t use the Alleluia as the Gospel Acclamation during the season of Lent.
Sunday Gospel l Jesus Teaches Us That God Is Near (page 3) Mark does not describe Jesus’ temptation in
as much detail as Matthew and Luke do in their Gospels. Rather, Mark shows Jesus’ time in the desert as preparation for a short but busy public life. Invite the children to look closely at the Gospel illustrations. The  rst frame shows Jesus alone, surrounded by the richness of Creation. The desert of Judea in the winter is a time of beauty, not of arid sterility. The second frame shows Jesus praying to his Father and remembering how God had shown love for Israel. In the third frame, Jesus has left the desert and gone back to his home country of Galilee. There he is telling the Good News of God’s love.
Go back and read the sentences in the story panels aloud. Ask: What do you think the desert might be like? What are some of the signs of God’s love that Jesus is remembering? Creation, the Exodus, the Exile, prophets, help in times of war and famine.
Read the words in the third frame and ask the children to talk about why Jesus went to Galilee. Refer to their maps of Galilee (January 21 lesson or classroom maps). People lived in villages around the Sea of Galilee. Jesus came to meet people and help them see how much God loved them.
    Lenten Calendar
SaR y the Lord’s Prayer before you go to sleep
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11:39 PM
God Makes a Covenant with Noah
God told Noah to build an ark to escape from a great flood. “Take two of every
It rained for 40 days and nights until the whole
kind of creature with you,” God told Noah.
Pray for Thank God Before you someone for making eat, pray who is sick our world for hungry or alone. beautiful. people.
Finally the rain stopped, and the land began to dry. Noah sent out a dove that returned with an olive branch.
A rainbow appeared. “This bow in the clouds is a sign of covenant between me and all living things,” God said. “I will never again flood the earth.”
PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program
February 18, 2018
1st Sunday of Lent
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with water.

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