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UNIT 2 OVERVIEW: We Celebrate Jesus’ ComingEditor’s Note: This unit may be interrupted by Christmas break. We encourage you to plan ahead for the entire Advent-Christmas season based on your program’s schedule. If you are back in session for the Sunday of Epiphany (1/7), do not send the Christmas and Epiphany lesson home with the children before Christmas break.Sacraments & LiturgyCreedLife in ChristChristian PrayerJesus calls us to use our talents (CCC, 942)Eucharist: First ReadingIdeal Catholic men and women; World Day of the PoorThe Lord’s Prayer; remembering the poorJesus will judge us on Works of Mercy (CCC, 561)Liturgical YearDoing the Works of Mercy; serving the leastPrayers of gratitudeCreation  nds its goal in Christ (CCC, 315)AdventPlanning Advent activitiesAdvent wreath blessingGod sent the Son and Spirit (CCC, 678, 682)Mary is the Mother of God (CCC, 508–09, 744)Advent; Our Lady of GuadalupeGiving gifts; volunteeringOur Lady of GuadalupeJohn the Baptist prepares Jesus’ way (CCC, 523)Advent; O AntiphonsEvangelizingO Antiphons; Christmas tree blessingAdventDeepening trust; saying yes to serviceHail Mary; Guardian angel prayerIn Jesus, God becomes incarnate (CCC, 479); Jesus is hope of nations (CCC, 628)Telling the Christmas and Epiphany storiesBringing Christmas to othersPraying with iconsJesus reveals God to us (CCC, 73)Holy Orders; Matrimony; BaptismVocationsCalling disciples to prayerwe treat one another. This is Catholic social teaching, which Visions explores in its Our Catholic Faith feature.The Sundays of Advent prepare Christians to celebrate the coming of God among us at Jesus’ birth. The Gospel for the 1st Sunday of Advent begins where the Gospels of the  nal Sundays of the Church year end—by looking at the ultimate impact of Jesus’ life, Death, and Resurrection, the culmination of all things in him at the Second Coming.“Be watchful! Be alert!”Mark’s Gospel cautions in a parable of a householder whose servants do not know when he will return.The other Gospels of Advent feature John the Baptist’s preaching and the longing of Israel’s people for a Messiah. As we hear John urge the people of his time to turn to God, we hear our own call to make time and space in our busyness to live the spirit of Christmas.Visions continues its emphasis on vocations in the last lesson in this unit, the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. The young people will connect the Gospel story of Jesus calling his disciples with their own exploration of what God is calling them do with their lives.Practicing FaithThe family is the  rst school of faith. Young people absorb attitudes and imitate practices. Consider inviting parents to a meeting or class in early November to explore the question: How do families raise young people who live the Gospels? Encourage parents to talk with their child at home about the Gospel messages in the Visions lessons for November 19 (Parable of the Talents) and November 26 (Works ofMercy). Encourage parents to do some of the suggested activities with their son or daughter or join in class projects. Young people bene t from doing activities together with their families and with peers.Advent WreathCreate a simple Advent wreath for your class space. For safety, you may wish to use battery-powered votive lights or put candles in glass containers. Begin classes during Advent with prayer around the wreath for continuity and/or proclaim the Gospel near the wreath. The Visions lesson for the 1st Sunday of Advent (December 3) o ers an Advent wreath blessing as well as an explanation of the wreath’s history and symbolism.Christmas and EpiphanyVisions combines its lessons for Christmas and Epiphany into one lesson. This year, the 4th Sunday of Advent falls on December 24. In many parishes and schools, the young people will be o  for Christmas break. The lesson provides an overview of both Gospels as well as a refugee story that could provide the basis for good family conversation.All numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.Bayard supports Pope Francis’s call to care for our common home. Please recycle this teaching guide properly. Thank you.Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming lTG2-3

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