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VIS37_11.indd 18/25/17 6:54 PMHow do you get ready in Advent?Find as many signs that Christmas is coming as you can in this city scene. Watch for signs of preparation for celebrating Jesus’ birth in your home, on your street, in your church, and in your school.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramDecember 3, 20171st Sunday of AdventTG2-14Share ExperiencesObjectives l The young people will:l Stay alert to ways to celebrate Christmas.l Identify an alert as a call to action.l Understand the importance of family and community intrying times.Gather your young people in a prayer circle around an Advent wreath. Play and sing “How Can We Be Silent?” (CD-2, #17).Gathering Prayer As you light the first candle, ask them to close their eyes and focus themselves.Leader: Loving God, preparations for Christmas bring out the best in us and in many people. Help us to see the wonder and beauty around us and in each other. Bless us with compassion for those who need our help. Let us remember we live in your hands— from the beginning to the end of time.All: Amen.Cover Activity l How do you get ready in Advent? (page 1) Have your group use their powers of observation to find signs of Advent preparations for celebrating Christmas. Then have the young people share their family Advent traditions.Story l This Was No Dream (pages 2-3) Look with your group at the four photos that show the destruction in the path of a tornado. Ask if any of them have experienced tornadoes or other destructive storms, such as  oods or hurricanes. Ask for volunteers to share their experiences. Caitlin McCord, a 16-year- old girl, tells her story of being in a tornado. Ask the young people if any of them has been in a life-threatening situation. Read the story aloud in class with readers taking turns at the bold green text.Discuss the Talk questions on page 3. Answers: 1. The neighbors stay together to watch for the storm. Derrell and Chase warn everyone to take cover. Neighborsrecover lost items. Those who are not hurt physically help those who are. Family and friends take the injured into their homes.2. She came so close to death. Open-ended. 3. Calling, carrying her when she didn’t have shoes, recovering her phone, cleaning her up, nursing her back to health, providing her a place to live. Open-ended. 4. Open-ended. 5. This event is still so fresh that her emotional wounds haven’t healed yet. Open-ended.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives l The young people will:l Identify ways to keep watch and be ready for Jesus’ coming. l Review the ways the Church celebrates Advent.l Review the Church’s liturgical calendar of worship.l Affirm that Mary, the Mother of God, was born and lived freefrom sin.Gospel Ritual Move to a special area you have set up for the Gospel reading. As you prepare the young people to listen to this Sunday’s Gospel, play “Word of Truth and Life” (CD-1, #1).Sunday Gospel l Jesus Says, “Be Alert!” (page 4) Have two young people take the part of Narrator and Jesus and proclaim the Gospel.Discuss the Talk questions on page 4. Answers: 1. No one knows when Jesus will come again. 2. Through people’s kind words and actions, the sacraments and celebrationslike Christmas, ways people work for justice, and the Gospel. Open- ended. 3. We can be ready by loving and forgiving each other, sharing what we have, working for justice, living as Jesus lived, and doing the Works of Mercy. 4. Open-ended.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l God Gives Us Time to Get Ready (page 4) Advent often feels like a huge rush—quite unlike the peaceful,contemplative time the Church intends. Take this opportunity to survey the young people: How do you spend your time? School, friends, sleep, social media—what else?Provide paper and pens and have the young peoplebrainstorm and freewrite for a few minutes about howthey might make better use of their time this week. Then share responses. You may even encourage everyone to keep a log of how many minutes they spend doing different activities. Then move to Question 2. Give everyone the opportunity to share how they donate their time to others.Distribute the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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