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The NEW Gospel WeekliesI canI’m known forI’m good atI enjoyMy parents sayI like toI’m the best atMy teachers tell meVEN37_9.indd 18/27/17 11:08 AMWhat Are Your Top Talents?We all have talents. Sunday’s Gospel asks us to use our talents, not let them stay hidden. Write about your top eight talents.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 19, 201733rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Volume 37, Number 2TG2-6Share ExperiencesObjectives l The children will:l Recognize their God-given special talents and those of others.l Empathize with someone trying to use her talent.l Assess which talents they use and which ones make themhappiest.Gather the children in a prayer circle. Play and sing “We Will Walk With God” (CD-2, #8). Lyrics may be found at Prayer Ask who would like to share a worry or concern they have. Begin the prayer yourself. Ask the children to respond, “Loving God, hear our prayer” or another response your school or parish uses. Gather the prayers together in a simple act of trust in God.Cover Activity l What Are Your Top Talents? (page 1) Distribute the Venture lessons. Read the title and direction aloud. Read the eight idea starters by the photos. Make sure everyone understands the task, then tell them you will start the 60 seconds NOW. When time is up, ask volunteers to share one thing they wrote. Don’t worry if everyone does not finish. You got them thinking, and you can encourage them to finish on their own.Story l The Girl Who Always Tried (pages 2-3) Ask the children to speculate from the title and photos what the story might be about. They will enjoy reading it aloud, with a different child reading each paragraph. Or, ask one girl to be Gina, another to be Coach, Gigi, and so on. Read the narration parts yourself.Turn to the Think questions on page 3. Answers: 1. Open-ended; Gina likes to participate, be part of things. She’s looking for something at which she willexcel and enjoy. 2. Gina has a very positive outlook. When she doesn’t make the team, she still cheers them on. When she doesn’t get a part in the play, she joins the props crew. And she looks for the next opportunity to help and be part of something. 3. Gina seems confident and self-assured. She is a leader, and she also faithfully attends Mass, so she will be reliable—and familiar with the Order of Mass. 4. Open-ended. Give the children plenty of time to respond to the last question and share what talents they like to use.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives l The children will:l Recognize Jesus uses parables in his teaching.l Understand that God wants us them to risk using theirtalents.l Appreciate that talents can be simple, but still important. l Identify the gifts of the ideal wife in the First Reading.l Learn the principles of Catholic social teaching.Move to a special area you have set up for the Gospel reading. As you prepare the children to read this Sunday’s Gospel, play “Word of Truth and Life” (CD-1, #1).Sunday Gospel l The Parable of the Silver Pieces (page 4) Jesus taught in parables because he knew that everyone loves a story. Today’s parable has the tone of a folk tale. It begins with the master and his three servants, leaves alittle room to for the story to develop, and ends with the master and servants again. The point of today’s story is the necessity of a personal response to Jesus. The third servant is punished for not making an effort, for living in fear and choosing inaction out of fear of getting it wrong. Have six students take the parts of Narrator, Jesus, the three servants, and Master and proclaim the Gospel.Discuss the Think questions on page 4. Answers:1. He goes on a journey and suits the amount of money to each servant’s ability to manage. The 5,000 silver piecesrepresent more money than anyone could imagine—equivalent to a lifetime of work. 2. The master is a hard man, and the third servant is afraid to take a risk with his money. The master is angry, takes the money back and gives it to the first servant, then throws the third servant out of his household. 3. She is like the servants who take a risk and double their money. Gina could have stayed quiet, not risked trying out for a team or for the play, but she persisted until she found a place to contribute her talents.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l God Gives Everyone Talents (page 4) Read this feature aloud to further expand the children’s perception of talents and how they might use them.Turn to the Think questions on page 4. Both questions will have open-ended responses. Some ideas to prompt discussion include: 1. When you are with friends, family.By praising them, watching a performance or game. 2. It mayfeel odd to ascribe human feelings to God, but they likely will say disappointed, sad, frustrated. Affirm their responses, and encourage the children who do not usually respond to share their thoughts.Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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