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The NEW Gospel Weeklies33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Matthew 25:14–30GN36_9.indd 18/22/17 9:25 PMSUNDAY GOSPELThe Three WorkersThis is an adaptation of the Gospel.Man: Congratulations, Amos. You are a good worker. I will give you more money.Sarah: I doubled my money too. Man: I am proud of you, Sarah. I will give you more money too.Jesus: Once there was a man who decided to go on a long trip. He called in three people who worked for him. Man: I trust you with my business while I am gone. Amos, you get 5,000 silver coins. Sarah, you get 2,000 coins. Joshua gets 1,000.Jesus: Then the man left on his trip.Joshua: Sir, I know you are a tough boss. I was afraid that I would lose your money, so I hid it. Here it is.Amos: I will take my 5,000 coins and use them to earn more.Sarah: I will use my 2,000 coins to earn more too.Man: You lazy fellow.You should have done something with what I gave you. I will give your 1,000 coins to Amos and Sarah.Joshua: I am going tohide my money. I don’t want to lose it.KNOWJesus: After a long time, the man came home. He called his workers together. Amos: Look, you gave1 2 3What did the man expect the workers to do? mWohynedyi?d Joshua hide the What else could Joshua have done?me 5,000 silver coins, and I earned 5,000 more.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 19, 201733rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Volume 36, Number 2The NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramTG2-6Share ExperiencesObjective The children will recognize their own talents and abilities.Begin Good News class by gathering in a prayer circle. Play and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).Gathering Prayer Gather in a prayer circle. Ask the children if they have concerns they would like the group to pray about. Mention one of your own to get the sharing started. Lead the children in responding, “Loving God, hear our prayer,” or some other response they know and use. Summarize the prayers in an act of trust in God’s loving care for us.Activity l What Are You Willing to Try? (page 4) Gather in the work area. Invite each child to tell something he or she is good at. Or ask them to tell each other what he or she is good at doing. Ask: How did you learn to do that? Was it hard or easy? How long did it take? What other talents do you have?Distribute Good News and read the small headline at the bottom of the back page and the two instructions. Have children do the checking. When all have finished, invite any child who wishes to share markings with the class. Do not call on children. Conclude by saying: We don’t need to try everything, but it is important that we know our own talents and are willing to use them.Story l Spelling T-r-o-u-b-l-e (page 2) Move to the story circle. Direct the children to turn to page 2 of Good News and describe what they see in the illustrations at the top of the page. The children are taking a test. One child is looking at another child’s paper. Have the children settle in to listen as you read the story aloud to them.Take plenty of time with the Know questions, emphasizing that Marci was taking an easy way instead of using her talents. Let the children give examples ofhow they use their own talents during the day—helping parents with siblings, reading extra books, playing hard, learning a new game or activity, helping a new classmate learn about your school. Summarize by saying each of us has many talents.Activity l Stretch and Sing The children have been concentrating hard. Give them a break with an activity that uses large muscle movements. Move to an area where children can stretch out their arms and not touch another child. Invite them to sing “God’s Love Is...”(CD-2, #6). Enjoy the beat and add movements. On the last verse, motion for the children to follow you, pick up their copies of Good News, and gather in the area where you proclaim the Gospel.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will recognize that God calls us to use our talents.Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) as preparation for the Gospel proclamation.Sunday Gospel l The Three Workers (page 1) Gather the children around the Bible and assign the parts of Jesus, Man, Amos, Sarah, and Joshua. This version of Sunday’s Gospel reading is in language and story form that makes it more accessible to children.After the dramatic proclamation of the Gospel, ask each of the Know questions. Answers: 1. The man expected the workers to do something with the money hegave them. He didn’t want them just to hold on to it. 2. Joshua was not brave enough to take a risk with the money. He was afraid the man would disapprove of what he did. 3. Open-ended.Conclude by asking the children why they think Jesus told this story. Jesus wants us to know God expects us to use all the gifts we have and not to deny them or save them just for ourselves.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine(page 3) Read “Using Our Talents.” Emphasize that God gives us talents so we can use them to help others and to contribute to the life of the community.Catholic Faith Word l Talent (page 3) Read this definition to summarize this Sunday’s Gospel message: God gives us all gifts. When we use those gifts, we praise God.Activity l Stretch and Sing Invite the children to pick up their copies of Good News and lead them to the work area while playing and singing “CHOICES” (CD-1, #16).Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.Teaching This Week’s LessonWHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOKWhat the Church Believes and TeachesFive Types of Prayer (page 38) Disappointments (page 39)Help the children understand that oneof the talents we are all given is the talent of prayer. Explain these five forms of prayer with examples ofstatements from their daily lives:

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