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December 25, 2017 and January 7, 2018 • Christmas and EpiphanyWHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOKWhat the Church Believes and TeachesWords to Know: Revelation (page 55)Ask: What does it mean to reveal something? Toshow, uncover, tell. Ask: Who can use the word reveal in a sentence? Give as many children who volunteer a chance to do so. Ask: When have you revealed something to someone? Give as many children who volunteer a chance to do so.Direct the children to turn to page 55 in their Catechism handbooks. Read together the definition of Revelation. Ask: How does God reveal himself most fully? Jesus. Ask: What does Jesus reveal to us about God? God created us. God loves us. God forgives us. God wants us to love and follow him.Conclude by telling the children that if they want to follow God, they need to become friends and followers of Jesus.Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Good News, page 4.Live the GospelObjectives l The children will: l Do a Christmas coloring activity.l Pray for all people of the world.Activity l Nativity Coloring Page (page 4) Gather in the work area. Distribute crayons or colored pencils and direct the children to turn to page 4 of Good News. Before they begin coloring, read the words at the top of the page. Then read the direction at the bottom of the page. Suggest that they find the eight hidden animals before coloring the page. Outside, clockwise from top right: bird, cow, sheep, lizard. Inside, clockwise from top right: mouse, horse, fox, bird.Closing Prayer l Blessing the Directions The Christmas and Epiphany Gospels tell the stories of people who find their way to Jesus. Celebrate all peoples of earth in this Native-American tradition of prayer—blessing the directions.Lesson Wrap-UpGather in a prayer circle. Divide the children into four groups to represent the four directions—north, south, east, and west. When you announce the prayer for that direction, those children will turn in that direction and lift up their hands to God. When that prayer is finished, the children drop their hands and turn back into the circle.Leader: We pray for the people of the north.All: Loving God, bless the people of the north.Leader: We pray for people who live in the south.All: Loving God, bless the people of the south.Leader: We pray for people who live in the east.All: Loving God, bless the people of the east.Leader: We pray for people who live in the west.All: Loving God, bless the people of the west.Leader: Loving God, we are all in your hands. Bless us today and every day.All: Amen.Bring your prayer to a close by playing and singing “Christmas Star” (CD-1, #12).Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.November 12, 201732nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year AName:Answer the following questions based on the lesson.1. In the Sunday Gospel, what do we learn from the foolish girls’ mistake?2. What is their consequence for getting more oil?3. Name two ways we can prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming.4. When do we pray psalms?5. In the story “The Happy Dance,” why isn’t Juan prepared for the talent show?© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc., Dayton, OH (800-543-4383) PFLPeArmUissiMonisgGranOtedStorPepErodLucetWhispEagEefoKruLseIbyEpaSrisheFs,sachiootls,handFfamoiliersmusinagPt aiumoGnospelPWerekoliesg. ramVisit to download this week’s lesson review.Use Activity #1 from the Good News Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.4023_GoodNews.indd 197/14/17 9:06 AMName ActivityGod Gives Us His Law1Divine Revelation and Sacred ScriptureGod has put his Law into your heart so that you will know how to choose between right and wrong. We can also read about God’s Law in Sacred Scripture. For example, we can learn what is right by listening to stories about how Jesus treated other people.What do we call it when God reveals himself and his Law to us? First cross out every Q and U in the picture. Then, working from left to right, write the letters that remain, using the lines below.QQUDQ UUQUQ IQQQQ UVUQU UQIUQNQUUQE QRUQUEUVQUU UUQQEUQULAU TQUUQQIOUNQUnit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming l TG2-31The NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program© 2017 Pflaum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families using Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.

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