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The NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramWHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOKWhat the Church Believes and TeachesMary Is the Mother of Jesus (page 9)December 24, 2017 • 4th Sunday of AdventEncourage them to use this knowledge to remember the meaning of the Annunciation. Ask: Does anyone know how many monthsa baby usually grows in its mother’s body before it is born? About nine months. The feast of the Annunciation is March 25, nine months before Christmas.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine (page 4)Read together “Mary Says Yes to God.” Help the children understand that, like Mary, we are also followers of Jesus. God asks us to say yes too.Activity l Creative Drama Assign partners and let each pair act out the parts of Mary and Gabriel. Have the children use their own words for the conversation between Mary and Gabriel in the drama. Conclude this part of the lesson by praying the Hail Mary together. The children should recognize that the first part of this prayer comes from the angel’s words to Mary. Children can find the words to the Hail Mary on page 46 of their Catechism handbooks.Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.Live the GospelObjective The children will learn more about Mary.Activity l We Learn More About Mary (page 4) The children will enjoy this activity, which takes advantage of the language arts skills they have acquired. If you do not have time for this activity in class, send it home with a note asking parents to work through it with their child. Many times parents learn as much from such an activity as their children do.Direct the children to open their copies of Good News  at on their desks with pages 1 and 4 showing. Have them follow the directions to  nd out more about Mary, Jesus’ mother and the Mother of God.Closing Prayer Conclude this session by praying the Hail Mary (page 46 of the Catechism handbook). Honor Mary by praying the Hail Mary together. When you are  nished, greet each other the way the angel greeted Mary: “Hail, ____! You are full of grace.”End your prayer and class session by playing and singing “Mary, O Blessed One” (CD-1, #3).Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.Lesson Wrap-UpRead the paragraph about Mary aloud to your group. Use the board to write important wordsand words the children may have questions about:l Nazareth and Joseph situate Mary in history. She was a girl from a small village in Galilee, which still exists today. She was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph.l Original sin means that because we are human like our first parents, Adam and Eve, we do not see clearly who God is and how good it is to follow God’s will. God kept Mary from this weakness because she was going to be Jesus’ mother.l Grace is God’s life in us. It gives us the strength to follow God’s way.l Mother of Jesus means Mary gave birth to Jesus just as our mothers gave birth to us.Mother of God means that because Mary gave birth to Jesus who is God, she is also the Mother of God.Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Good News, page 4.November 12, 201732nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year AName ActivityWe Honor MaryGod chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. She is the greatest of all the saints. Mary is the mother of the Church. When we celebrate Mary with special feasts, we also celebrate Jesus. We honor Mary by asking her to pray with us.11© 2017 Pflaum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families using Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.lAnswer the following questions based on the lesson.1. In the Sunday Gospel, what do we learn from the foolish girls’ mistake?2. What is their consequence for getting more oil?3. Name two ways we can prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming.4. When do we pray psalms?5. In the story “The Happy Dance,” why isn’t Juan prepared for the talent show?© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc., Dayton, OH (800-543-4383) Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families using P aum Gospel Weeklies.Choose words from the word bank to fill in the words of the Hail Mary.Name:Visit to download this week’s lesson review.Use Activity #11 from the Good News Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.4023_GoodNews.inddMary7/14/179:06 AMBlessedfruitgrace hour JesusHail MaryMothersinnersHail Mary, full oftheHoly Mary, pray for us now and at the29, the Lord is with thee! art thou among women, and blessed is of thy womb, .Unit 2: We Celebrate Jesus’ Coming lTG2-27of God, ,of our death. Amen.

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