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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will experience in story and drama the Christmas story as told in the Huron tradition.Gather in a circle to play and sing “The Promise, Part 2” (CD-1, #2) as you prepare to begin class with prayer. As you finish the song, light the final violet candle on your Advent wreath. Explain that even though this Sunday is Christmas Eve, it is also the 4th Sunday of Advent.Gathering Prayer The children respond, “We are waiting” to each line of this prayer:“Come, Jesus, come.Mary and Joseph are ready.The crib is ready for you. We are ready too.”Story l Jesus Is Born, an adaptation of The Huron Carol (pages 2–3) The Huron Carol was written by Father Jean de Brébeuf (1593–1649), a Jesuit missionary who worked among the Huron Tribe in the villages around Forest Ste. Marie, the site of present-day Midland, Ontario. Father Jean was killed after an Iroquois raid, but the Huron people remembered his telling of the Christmas story set in their own villages and forests. The carol was sung in the Huron languages for 100 years, then translated into French, and later translated into English in 1926.Prepare the children to read and perhaps present this Christmas play by examining the illustrations. Note the box with the pronunciation of the Native-American words. These words are from the Menominee language, one of the many nations that have made this carol their own.Read the play once with children taking parts in turn rather than assigning the parts to particular children. Be sure everyone joins in the song. After this  rst reading, assign parts and decide how much action and movement you wish to incorporate. If you have time to prepare, this is a wonderful play to present to another class, the whole school or to the religious education program.Activity l Stretch and Sing Play “Happy Birthday, Jesus” (CD-1, #9) as the children pretend to put ornaments on the Christmas tree:Stand with your hands down at your sides. / Raise your elbows slowly. / Now stretch your arms straight up and make  sts. / Now open your  ngers and stretch out your  ngers, reaching for the highest branch of the tree. / Go up on your tiptoes and place the ornament on the branch. / Now bring your  ngers back into  sts, very slowly, and bring your arms down, very slowly, until you are standing quietly.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives • The children will:l Reflect on God’s choice of Mary and her response.l Learn about Mary’s place in God’s plan.Invite the children to sit in a circle. Sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.Gospel Warm-Up Activity l Who Is Mary? Display a statue or other images of Mary. Ask: Who is Mary? Let them tell you all they know about Mary. You may have churches in your area named after Marian apparitions or events in her life—Mt. Carmel, Lourdes, Nativity, or Presentation. Don’t be critical ofany information or opinions the children offer. Conclude this introduction by saying that Mary’s greatest gift to us all was her willingness to be Jesus’ mother. The Gospel today will tell about how that happened.Sunday Gospel l God Invites Mary to Say Yes (page 1) Point out Mary and Gabriel in the cover illustration. Assign children to take the parts of Leader, Gabriel, and Mary. The remaining children will read the parts marked All. Give the children time to look over their parts before beginning. Assemble as you usually do for the reading of the Gospel and read the story together.Discuss the Know questions related to the Gospel. 1. The angel told Mary that God wanted her to be the mother of God’s Son. 2. Mary was afraid because she wasjust a young girl who planned to get married and live like all the other women. She didn’t know what the angel’s words meant and what would happen to her. 3. Mary said yes because she believed the angel was giving her a message from God and she wanted to do what God asked. Mary took a risk.Remind the children that people all over the world choose to say yes to God. Ask them to think about our friends all over the world as we sing a song about Mary saying yes. Sing the following song to the tune of “Happy Birthday to You.”Mary, Mary said, “Yes.” Mary, Mary said, “Yes.”She would have Baby Jesus. Mary, Mary said, “Yes.”Catholic Faith Word l Annunciation (page 1) Explain that this Sunday’s Gospel tells the story of the Annunciation. Read the definition of Annunciation together. They may notice that this word is similar to the words announce and announcement. Ask: What does it mean to announce something?TG2-264th Sunday of Advent Luke 1:26–38GN36_14.indd 18/23/17 4:23 PMSUNDAY GOSPELThe Annunciation: God Invites Mary to Say Yes Gabriel: Your cousin Elizabeth willAll: Hail, Mary, you are full of grace! Leader: Mary lived in a town called Nazareth. She was engaged to Joseph, who belonged to the family of David. One day, the angel Gabriel came to Mary.holadv.eGaodbahbaystaonosewvernedthhoeurgphrasyheriss. Mary: I will do what God asks. I will have the baby and name him Jesus. All: Hail Mary, full of grace,Gabriel: Hail, Mary, you are full of grace! God is with you.Leader: Mary was afraid and wondered what the angel meant. Gabriel: Don’t be afraid, Mary. You will have a baby and give him the name Jesus. He is God’s Son.the Lord is with thee!Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.All: Hail, Mary, you are full of grace! Mary: How can this happen? I am not even married.Gabriel: God will send the Holy Spirit upon you.1 What did the angel ask Mary? 2 Why was Mary afraid?3 Why did Mary say yes?All: Hail, Mary, you are full of grace!Catholic Faith WordAnnunciation The angel’s announcement to Mary that she will be the Mother of God.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramKNOWDecember 24, 20174th Sunday of Advent

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