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FrehaoodSePancakesWSoupIce CreamHamburgersPopcornTacosWe Share Food TogetherWith whomdid you last share these foods? Write their names in each pie piece.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 15, 201728th Sunday of Ordinary Time© Bayard Presse – Filotéo 241 – Illustrations: Naomi Rahamefy (NaomiKado)TG1-18Share ExperiencesObjective The young people will recognize that sharing meals expresses friendship.Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “The Song of the Body of Christ” (CD-2, #14).Gathering Prayer Gather the young people in a prayer circle. Leader: Loving God, you invite us to your table to celebrate Eucharist each Sunday just as families gather at their dinner tables to nourish each other with food and stories. We gatherto talk about Jesus’ story in the Gospels. You are always with us. Thank you. Amen.Cover Activity l Who Belongs to Your Circle of Food Friends? (page 1) Today’s Gospel is about God’s great banquet for us. All are invited. Read aloud the title and directions for this week’s cover activity. Give the young people time to talk together and then write or draw with whom they share each kind of food.Story l The Table of Plenty (pages 2–3) This week’s story is a true description of Sunday night supper at the O’Connor home. Ask students what their best family meal time is. Read the story aloud together, Use the questions on page 3 as a way to start discussion.Discuss the Talk questions. Answers: 1. Guests bring new food, ideas, poems, fun. 2. The dinners build connection and belonging. 3. Being able to help cook and participate. The O’Connors like making room for more people.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives l The young people will:l Recognize that Jesus calls everyone to share his family table. l Connect sharing meals with family and friends to sharingthe Eucharistic meal.Gospel Ritual Move to the area you have set up for the Gospel reading. Ask the young people who are not reading parts to put down their Visions lessons and listen. As you prepare the children to listen to this Sunday’s Gospel, play “Word of Truth and Life” (CD-1, #1).Sunday Gospel l Parable of the Wedding Feast (page 4) To introduce the Gospel, ask your young people how they have felt when they have not been invited to a party or whenthey may have refused an invitation. Ask two or three volunteers to share their experiences. Have three students take the parts of Narrator, Jesus, and King and proclaim the Gospel.Discuss Talk. Answers: 1. Open-ended. 2. The king wants guests, wants to gather together all who will come. 3. The king invites all kinds of people to his party, not justpeople who are of his social standing. Luke’s family invites people they meet at church, a student from Africa who attends a nearby college, and neighbors and friends of neighbors.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l God Invites Everyone to the Feast (page 4) Ask the young people what say no to when they turn down an invitation from Jesus. Read the doctrine together.Discuss the doctrine using the Talk questions. 1. If we don’t attend Mass or pray, we prevent having a strong relationship with God. 2. We say yes to God by going toMass, praying, and by showing love and hospitality to everyone. We can reduce time spent on cell phones or on social media; we can choose to keep a reasonable schedule to avoid being overly busy or tired. Encourage everyone to share their responses.Distribute the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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