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Katie LedeckyJim Ga ganSimone BilesSaint Stanley RotherJesus ChristDorothy DaySean CallahanSaint Teresa of KolkataKatherine JohnsonWrite one word for each person that describes them as a leader.What makes a leader worth following?PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 5, 201731st Sunday in Ordinary TimeTG1-30Share ExperiencesObjectives l The children will:l Determine the characteristics of a good leader.l Recognize bullying is an attempt to dominate others.Gather in a prayer circle. Play and sing “We Are Called” (CD-2, #12).GatheringPrayer Gatherthechildrentogether.Givethemtime to get settled and quiet. Explain that this Sunday’s Gospel reading turns our understanding of power on its head. The greatest person is one who humbly serves others. Ask the children to reflect silently on times they served others this week and when they could have offered help, but didn’t. Close the prayer time by saying, “Lord, help us to be good leaders, to serve others, and to share your love. Amen.”Activity l What makes a leader worth following? (page 1) Look at the photos together. Starting bottom left: Jesus Christ, Son of God and our Savior; Sean Callahan, president and CEO, Catholic Relief Services; DorothyDay, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement; Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States; Saint Teresa of Kolkata, Nobel Prize Winner and founder of the Missionaries of Charity; Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician; Saint Stanley Rother, priest, missionary, and martyr; Simone Biles, world champion gymnast and Olympic medalist; Jim Gaffigan, comedian and actor who performed at the World Meeting of Families; and Katie Ledecky, world-record swimmer and Olympian.Go through the example together so the children understand the task. Have them work in partners or independently. Thengo through their responses together, assuring them you are not seeking one certain answer.Story l Red Rover, Red Rover (pages 2-3) Invite the children to use the title, callout, and photos to speculate what the story is about. Then read the story aloud as a class.All middle graders have experiences with both good and bad leaders. Discuss the Think questions on page 3. Answers: 1. Help the children recognize how Leah misusesher power as a leader to form a clique and to harass other kids. 2. Help the children find examples of insiders and outsiders by going through each named character. For example, ask “Is Lucy an insider or an outsider? How do you know?” 3. Encourage the children to articulate and appreciate the courage of Lucy and the storyteller who decide not to allow Hanna to fall. Ask for volunteers to share experiences of choosing between peer pressure and what they knew to be the right thing to do.Teaching This Week’s LessonFor example:Saint Stan Rother stayed with his people even when his life was in danger. brave Abraham Lincoln worked to keep the United States together as one nation.Gymnast Simone Biles carries a rosary and a Saint Sebastian medal.Comedian Jim Ga gan often talks about being Catholic in his clean (no profanity) shows. Swimmer Katie Ledecky prays before every race.Katherine Vaughan used her math skills to help NASA astronauts return safely to Earth. Jesus Christ came to be with us, died for our sins, and rose to new life with God. Sean Callahan sends food and help around the world.Saint Teresa helped the poorest people and started a religious order.Dorothy Day welcomed people who needed a place to stay into her own home.Abraham LincolnDiscover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives l The children will:l Understand the role of the Pharisees in the Gospel.l Recognize how married people serve one another and buildfamilies and how priests serve the Church.l Learn why Catholics share their money for the needs of theChurch and the world.Gospel Ritual Move to the area you have set up for the Gospel reading. As you prepare the children to listen to this Sunday’s Gospel, play “Word of Truth and Life” (CD-1, #1).Sunday Gospel l The One Who Serves Is Greatest (page 4) Have five children take the Narrator and four Jesus parts and proclaim the Gospel. Ask the children who are not reading parts to put down their Venture lessons and listen.Discuss Think. Answers: 1. Those who teach the Law of Moses but don’t practice what they preach; Pharisees who wear special accessories that show they are holy.They want to sit in places of honor at banquets and in synagogues and to have titles of respect. 2. Open-ended. Make sure the children respect the anonymity of others. 3. One who serves the rest. Jesus might tell Leah to help all the girls have a good time instead of teasing weak kids like Hanna; open-ended.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine l Jesus Calls Us to Love (page 4) This Sunday’s doctrine builds on last week’s message—that is, love is an action.This week, love is revealed through acts of humble service. Jesus’ ministry is full of examples of loving leadership. Jesus doesn’t hang out with the popular people. If fact, we usually see him with people that the rest of society dismisses. He doesn’t bully or force anyone to accept his message. Instead, he gains followers through parables.Turn to the two Think questions. Answers: 1. Jesus shows patience, even when the Pharisees challenge him over and over; allow the children time to shareother examples. 2. Let the children list all of the ways they serve at home, whether they do assigned chores or offer extra help without being asked.Our Catholic Faith l Christians Share What They Have (page 5) The collection at Mass has always been a way for Christians to share what they have with others. Have the children read this feature and complete the checklist. Bring articles from your diocesan or other newspaper on current ways Catholics share what they have. If your class time is short, this project makes a good homework assignment.

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