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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will be encouraged to be alert to everything going on around them.Play “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1) as you gather to begin your class with prayer.Gathering Prayer Invite the children to repeat each line of this prayer after you: “Thank you, God, for all that I am. / I am a person. / I am part of a family. / I am a friend. / I am a follower of Jesus. / Thank you, God, for all that I am. / Amen.”Story l Anaya’s Bad Day (page 2) Direct the children to sit in a story circle. Read or tell the following story:For no particular reason, Anaya didn’t want to put on her shoes. “Anaya,” Mom said, “it’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The squirrel is running up and down the tree. Put on your shoes so you can go outside and play.”Anaya replied, “I don’t want to put on my shoes.” When Mom asked, “Why?” Anaya said, “Just because.” Mom said, “I’ll help you with your shoes.” But Anaya answered, “I don’t want you to help me.” Finally, Mom left Anaya alone in her room.Anaya sat on the floor by her shoes. A bird was singing a song for her baby birds in the tree outside Anaya’s window. But Anaya couldn’t see the nest unless she went outside. Anaya counted the toes on her left foot: “One, two, three, four, five.” She counted the toes on her right foot: “One, two, three, four, five.”Just as Anaya was starting to count the toes on her left foot again, she heard music. It was the ice cream truck! Toby, the dog from next door, was running to the truck. “If I put on my shoes, I can get an ice cream cone,” said Anaya. But as she was trying to make up her mind if she should get chocolate or strawberry ice cream, the truck drove away. Anaya was still in her room with her shoes beside her.Anaya was very bored. She slipped her hands into her shoes and clapped the bottoms together. Clap! Clap! Clap! Her mom heard the clapping and came to the door. “Are you ready to put your shoes on, Anaya?” her mother asked. “No,” said Anaya. “I don’t want to.”Anaya’s mom brought her a sandwich and milk for lunch. Anaya read her books and played her CD of marching songs. Then she heard children talking and laughing. Anaya looked out the window. It was Abdul and Iris with Toby. Anaya knew they were going to the park because they had a ball. “If I put on my shoes, I could go play with my friends,” Anaya said. She slipped her left shoe on her left foot. Then she slipped her right shoe on her right foot.That’s when Anaya’s mom walked into the room. “Anaya,” her mom said, “since you have your shoes on, would you like to go to thepark for a picnic supper?” Anaya jumped up and gave hermom a hug. “Yes!” Anaya said. “I missed watching the squirrel play and I missed the baby birds in the tree and I missed the ice cream truck and I missed playing with Abdul and Iris and Toby. I don’t want to miss the picnic!” Anaya combed her hair and said, “I am ready.” They went to the park and had a great time.Stretch and Sing Stand to sing the song “God Gave Me Hands” (CD-1, #13). Encourage everyone to join in doing the claps, taps, blinks, and hugs.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will recognize Jesus wants them to be alert.Gather in the Gospel storytelling area and sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4). Ask the children to sit in a story circle for the Gospel proclamation.Sunday Gospel l Jesus says, “Don’t miss out.” (page 1) Ask: Have you ever been invited to a wedding? Whose wedding was it? Were you excited about going? What was fun? Did you get tired? Did the wedding and the party last a long time?After this brief discussion, tell the children Jesus went to weddings of his friends and relatives too. One day he told his friends this story about a wedding:Ten girls were going to a wedding. The bride and groom werelate. The girls got tired and fell asleep. When the bride and groom finally came, their friends woke the girls up. “Hurry,” they said, “the wedding is starting.” Five of the girls got right up. The other five went back to sleep.Then Jesus said, “Guess what? When those five girls woke up again, the wedding was all over, and they missed it.” A boy said, “They should have gone to bed early the night before so they wouldn’t be so tired.” A girl said, “They should have listened to their friends when they woke them up.” Jesus said, “There are lots of wonderful things to see and do. You have to be ready and alert so you can enjoy them.”Activity l Creative Play Choose two people to join hands in the middle while the others move in a circle around them. The outside ring should walk and count five steps to the right, stop, and clap. Then they walk five steps to the left, stop, and clap. Repeat. Allow everyone to have a turn in the center of the circle.TG1-34Jesus says, “Don’t miss out.”PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 12, 201732nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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