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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will understand they’re not too small or too young to help.Gather in a circle, hold hands, and sing “Come Gather” (CD-2, #2).Gathering Prayer “Dear Jesus, we’re a circle of friends. We love and care about each other. Be with us today as we learn more about friends and more about you.” The children respond, “Amen.”Story l When Maria Was Just the Right Size Gather in the story circle. The following is an adaptation of a story by Louise Woodcock published in Read Me Another Story (Thomas Y. Crowell, 1943). Used with permission.Once there was a girl named Maria who always seemed to be the wrong size. When she wanted to ride in the baby’s stroller, Mom said, “Maria, you’re too big.” When she tried to ride her brother’s bicycle, he yelled, “Leave my bike alone! You’re too little!” When Maria started to cry, her dad said, “Maria, you’re too big to cry.” Maria always seemed to be too big or too little.Until one day when Maria was just the right size. One weekend, Maria’s mom and dad announced they were all going on a picnic at the lake. They’d row a boat around the lake, cook burgers on the grill, and sleep in the cabin. Everyone packed pajamas and toothbrushes in the big suitcase. Mom packed food in a cooler. They packed the car, climbed in, and soon saw the lake and cabin.When the car stopped beside the cabin, Maria and Anthony jumped out. Maria’s dad got out of the car, stretched, and reached in his pocket for the cabin key. His face got a funny look. “I forgot the key,” he said. “Maybe a window’s open,” Anthony said. They walked around the cabin. All the windows and doors were locked except a little window way up high. Maria’s dad shoved it open. “Someone could climb through this little window, go through the cabin, and open the front door,” he said.“Let me do it,” said Anthony. “No, you’re too big, you couldn’t get in,” said Dad. “Me!” said Maria’s baby brother. Everybody laughed. “You’re too little,” Mom said. “I think Maria could do it,” said Dad. “Would you be afraid?” he asked her. “No,” said Maria bravely. Dad smiled. “Then listen carefully. I’ll lift you up to the window. When you crawl through, you’ll be on the big counter inside. Use the stool next to the counter to climb down. Then go to the front door, turn the lock, and let us in. Can you do that?” Maria said, “Yes.”Dad lifted Maria up high. There was just room for her to get through—feet, knees, arms, and shoulders. Last of all, Maria pulled in her head. It was a little dark, but she could see the stepstool.She climbed down and walked to the front door. Maria stood on her tiptoes to reach the lock. She turned it as hard as she could. “Erk!” went the lock. Then it went “click,” and the door unlocked!Dad pushed it open. “Good girl, Maria,” Dad said and gave her a hug. Mom gave her a hug too. “Nice job,” Anthony said.Maria smiled. “You know what, Mom?” she said. “Sometimes I’m too little to do things, and sometimes I’m too big. But today I was just the right size.” And everyone agreed.Give the children time to react to the story, telling what they liked about it. Summarize by pointing out that Maria was the only person who could help the family that day.Stretch and Sing Use “God Gave Me Hands” (CD-1, #13) or a stretching or activity rhyme.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives l The children will understand that: l  Jesusasksustohelpothers.l  SaintsareGod’sfriends,andangelsareGod’smessengers. Gather the children in the Gospel area and sit in a circle.Sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4).Sunday Gospel l Jesus says people who help are important. Use a puppet to help get the children talking about people who are important. Have the puppet ask: l  Do you know anyone important? Who? Parents, caregivers,famous people.l  What makes these people important? They help others.Ask: Are there any important people in this room? The puppet responds: I see a lot of important boys and girls in this room! The puppet names each child, saying: I see a boy in a blue shirt named. I see a girl with a red sweater named .Ask: Why are these children important? The puppet says: I seethem helping each other in the classroom and on the playground. When we help others, we’re very important. We’re VIPs! Ask: What’s a VIP? The puppet answers: VIP stands for Very Important Person.Tell the puppet and the children you know a story about being VIPs:One day, Jesus’ friends were talking about which one of them was most important. Jesus heard them talking and said, “Here’s my rule about being important: when you help other people, you are important. When you pick up your toys, you’re important. When you feed your pet, you’re important. Whenever you help, you’re important.”TG1-30Jesus teaches us to help others.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 5, 201731st Sunday in Ordinary Time

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