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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will recognize that care for Creation is a way to praise God.Gather the children in a circle to sing “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1).Gathering Prayer Invite the children to repeat each phrase of this prayer after you: “Dear God, / We are glad to be here. / You are with us in all that we do, / when we laugh and talk, / when we work and play. / We love you, God. / Thank you for loving us. / Amen.”Story l Michael’s Surprise Job (page 2) Invite the children to sit in the story circle. Using your copy of Seeds, show them the picture on page 2. Ask: Can you guess what today’s story is about? Then read or tell this story:Michael was busy pushing his toy car down a building-block ramp when his mom came in the room.“Michael, I’d like you to be my helper today. I have a very important job and could really use your help,” Mom said. “What’s the job?” Michael asked. “I’ll keep it a secret for a little while,” said Mom. “We have to drive there. I’ll give you clues as we get ready and go on our way. We’ll see if you can guess.” “Okay!” said Michael, full of excitement. “Let’s go!” “First, put on your old shoes while I get some tools from the garage,” Mom said. She went out of the kitchen and into the garage.Michael found his old muddy shoes by the garage door. He saw his mom putting a brown bag and some tools into the back of the truck. “Do you have a hammer in there?” Michael asked as he tried to peek into the truck. “So we can pound stuff?” “No hammer,” was all that Mom would say. “Do you have a screwdriver?” Michael asked. Mom shook her head no as she and Michael got into the truck and drove away.“We’re going to a big, big house that has a big yard,” Mom said. “Can you guess?” “Yeah, we’re going to Felipe’s house!” Michael squealed with excitement. “No, this house is bigger and even more special than Felipe’s house,” Mom said. “Are we going to Grandpa’s farm?” Michael asked. “No, not to Grandpa’s farm,” Mom answered. Michael was beginning to get tired of the guessing game and said, “Mom, I can’t guess. Just tell me.”“We’re here,” Mom said as she stopped the car. Michael looked out the window. “Here?” he asked. “But this is our church.” “That’s right,” Mom said. “The church is God’s house. We’re going to plant tulip bulbs in the yard. The tulips will rest in the ground all winter. In the spring, beautiful flowers will bloom. This is one way we can praise God and show our love.” “Did God ask us to plant flowers by thechurch?” Michael wondered. His mom answered, “God wants each of us to make our world the best place it can be. We’ll plant our tulip bulbs to make the church yard more beautiful. Everyone can enjoy the pretty flowers when they come to visit God’s house.”Activity l Find the hidden tulips. (page 2) Invite the children to find the hidden tulips on page 2.Activity l Stretch and Sing Play “Everything’s Growing” (CD-1, #16). Add movements and gestures.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will learn that we belong to God. Quiet the children for the Gospel by playing and singing“Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4). Add simple gestures.Sunday Gospel l Jesus tells us we belong to God. Ask: Do you know what praise is? After they give their ideas, summarize by saying: Praise means showing our approval or showing we think someone is great.Ask: Have you ever been praised for doing something good? How did it make you feel? Have you ever praised or complimented someone else? Was the person happy? In today’s Gospel story, some people ask Jesus about what is important:One day, some of the leaders of the people came to Jesus with a question. “How should we act?” they asked. “Should we be busy taking care of our city and world or should we spend our time praising God?” Jesus said, “You can do both. God wants you to be all that you can be.” The leaders went away to think about Jesus’ answer.Gospel Activity l Jesus teaches us to praise God. (page 1) Invite the children to look at the cover of Seeds. Read the sentence. Ask: What is Jesus telling the children in the picture? What are some ways we can praise God? Praying, singing, being respectful and thoughtful, showing love. Have the children finish coloring the picture.Activity l Stretch and Dance Invite the childrento stand and hold hands. Take two steps forward while raising joined hands. Take two steps backwards while lowering hands. Move around in the circle to the right, then to the left. Repeat the sequence of steps several times.TG1-22Finish coloring in the picture.Jesus teaches us to praise God.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 22, 201729th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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