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Lesson Theme: Jesus teaches us we are God’s children.Five-Day Lesson Pacing GuideNote: This pacing guide suggests how to present the lesson over five days. Please adapt the lesson to suit your needs. Day 4Day 1Share Experiencesl  Gathering Song l “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1) l  Gathering Prayer (see page TG1-22)l  Story l Michael’s Surprise Job (page 2)l  Activity l Find the hidden tulips. (page 2)l  Activity l Stretch and Sing “Everything’s Growing” (CD-1, #16)l  Closing Prayer l Loving God, help us to praise you by caring for allyou created. Amen. (Repeat.) Day 2Discover Gospel and Doctrinel  Gathering Prayer l Loving God, help us to praise you by caring for all you created. Amen. (Repeat.)l  Gospel Ritual l “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4)l  Sunday Gospel l Jesus tells us we belong to God.l  Gospel Activity l Jesus teaches us to praise God. (page 1)l  Activity l Stretch and Dancel  Closing Prayer l Loving God, we are happy to belong to you. Amen.(Repeat.)Day 3l  Gathering Prayer l Loving God, we are happy to belong to you. Amen. (Repeat.)Distribute the students’ What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks. Turn to page 10.l  Activity l Seeds Activity Book, Activity #24l  Closing Prayer l Loving God, thank you for our priests and for allwho teach us to love you. Amen. (Repeat.)Live the Gospell  Gathering Prayer l Loving God, you are so good, and we are happy to be your children. Amen. (Repeat.)l  Activity l My Book of Praise (pages 3–4)l  Closing Prayer l Loving God, we praise and thank you for yourgreat love. Amen. (Repeat.)Day 5l  Gathering Prayer l Loving God, we praise and thank you for your great love. Amen. (Repeat.)l  Weekly Reviewl  Closing Prayer (see page TG1-23)l  Closing Song l “The Seed Song” (CD-1, #1)Friday Take-HomeRemind the students to share their lesson with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer on page 2 together.Curriculum Connectionsl  Math: Set up a class store. Pass out pretend money and allow the students to shop and pay with their money. Discuss with the students why we pay with money.l  SS: Show the students pictures of leaders in your community (firefighter, principal, mayor, etc.). Discuss with the students what leaders do in a community.Additional ResourcesExtending the LessonSaints and Feast Days to Celebratel  Weekly Review Template ( l  Seasonal Resources (  Video Links: Go to to subscribe to GROW.Catholic Identity Project of the WeekIn order to give to God what is God’s, we must first recognize all that God gives to us. With this in mind, have the children draw a picture of something they are thankful God has given them.l  October 22: Saint John Paul II – This Polish saint was the pope for almost 27 years. He traveled to visit Catholics all over the world. He cared about young people and started World Youth Day. Say a prayer today for our current pope, Pope Francis.l  October24:SaintAnthonyMaryClaret–ThisSpanishsaintwasa popular preacher and faithfully prayed the Rosary. He wanted to spread the Good News of Jesus through the Catholic press and wrote 200 books and pamphlets. Ask: What do you want others to know about Jesus?l  October 28: Saints Simon and Jude – These men are two of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles. Many people pray to Saint Jude for desperate situations. Pray: Saints Simon and Jude, help us to be good followers and friends of Jesus. Amen.Unit 1: We Are the Church l TG1-21

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