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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will identify ways they invite and welcome their friends.Gather the children in a circle and hold hands for the gathering song, “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1).Gathering Prayer Invite the children to stand as you pray: “Dear Jesus, help us to be like you—kind to others and ready to share with everyone.” The children respond, “Amen.”Story l Stephanie’s Party Gather in a circle on the floor. Ask:l  What makes a party?l  What kinds of parties have you been to?l  What kinds of things happen at parties?Then tell this story:There was a little girl named Stephanie. She was almost four years old. Stephanie’s birthday was coming up. She really wanted to have a party. She asked her mom, and her mom said yes.“Since you will be four, you may invite four friends,” Stephanie’s mom said. Stephanie had lots of friends and finally decided which four to invite: Tammy, Patrice, Joey, and Louann.Stephanie was very excited because this was her first birthday party. Each day, she counted the days until her party. Two more days. One more day. The morning of the party, Stephanie woke up early to help her mom get everything ready. As they were blowing up red and white balloons, the telephone rang. It was Tammy’s mother. “Tammy got sick last night,” she said. “She won’t be able to come to the birthday party.” Stephanie felt sad because Tammy was a good friend.Then the doorbell rang. When Stephanie opened the door, Patrice was standing there. “I can’t come to your party,” Patrice said. “My dad is taking us to see my grandma who is sick.”Just as Stephanie closed the door, the phone rang again. It was Joey’s mother saying Joey had the chicken pox. Then Louann’s parents stopped on their way to take Louann to the emergency department at the hospital.Stephanie was very sad that no one could come to her party. Her mom sat down and explained that these things can happen. They are called emergencies. But they could still have a party. They called Mary Ann, the lady across the street, and invited her and her grandson, Joshua. Then they called the twins, Maria and Mateo, next door. They were three years old. They were all happy to come. They all had a fun time.Activity l What makes a party? (page 4) Distribute Seeds and ask the children to look at the back page. Invite them to tell you about the pictures of things that help make a party. After talking about the pictures, ask the children to complete the line connecting the circles. Ask: When you go to a party, which part do you like best?Stretching Activity Play “Follow Me” (CD-1, #10). Have the children march, hop, jump, and run as the verses say.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will learn we need to be ready for Jesus all the time.Invite the children to sit in a circle and put their copies of Seeds on the floor in front of them. Sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4). Add simple gestures.Sunday Gospel l Jesus says, “Come to my party.” (page 1) Introduce this Gospel story by telling the children that Jesus liked to tell stories to his friends. Here is a story about a party:Once there was a king whose son was going to be married. The king decided to have a big party to celebrate. He sent messengers to invite all his friends. “Come and celebrate!” the messengers said. “The king invites you to a great banquet for his son who is getting married.”But no one wanted to come to the king’s party. “I’m too busy,” said the man who ran the grocery store. “Who will pick my corn if I go to the king’s party?” said the farmer. “Quit talking about this silly party,” other people said. “We don’t want to come.”When the messengers told the king that no one would come to the party, the king was very sad. But then he said, “I’m going to have a party anyway. Go out and invite everyone you see—rich people, poor people, children—everybody! I want this to be the biggest party ever.” The messengers went all over and invited people. They all came, and the king had a great party for his son’s wedding after all.Lead a brief discussion by asking questions to help review the story:l  What was the story about?l  How did the king feel when no one would come?l  What did the king do then?l  How did the king feel at the party? l  Did they have fun after all?Invite the children to look at the cover of Seeds. Jesus is saying, “Come to my party.” He has food on the table and is asking the children to come. Ask: How is Jesus like the king in the story? AreTG1-18Jesus says, “Come to my party.”PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 15, 201728th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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