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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will explore their daily choices. Play “CHOICES” (CD-2, #9). Gather the children in a circle.Sing the song until the children know it.Gathering Prayer Stand in a circle as you pray the following prayer or one in your own words: “Jesus, we are herein Seeds class to learn about you and to listen to your stories. Thank you for bringing us together. Help us be good learners and respectful friends today.” The children respond, “Amen.”Warm-Up Activity l Choosing Move to the open area where the children can spread out. Have ready any or all of the following pairs:l  An orange and an applel  Two different-colored markers or crayons l  Two different toysl  Two different picture booksl  Juices or milk you will serve for the snack l  Pictures of different petsHold up the orange and the apple. Ask for a volunteer to tell you which he or she would choose. Do the same with the other pairs, giving each child a chance to choose. Use a puppet to ask the questions if your children are reluctant to speak. Shy children will often talk to a puppet.Story l Michael Makes Choices Tell the children you know a story about a boy named Michael who couldn’t decide what to wear to visit his grandma. Invite them to listen carefully to how Michael got ready:Michael’s family was getting ready to go to Grandma’s house. Michael’s mom was packing a picnic lunch. Michael’s dad was checking the oil in the car engine. “Michael, where are you?” Mom called. “I’m here,” Michael said. Mom looked up. There was Michael, looking like a roly-poly clown. He had so many clothes on Mom could hardly tell who he was.“What are you wearing, Michael?” Mom asked. Michael pointed to the logo on his jacket. “My Colorado Rockies jacket that Uncle Dave gave me,” he said. “It might rain, and Uncle Dave said this jacket is waterproof.” Michael unzipped the jacket. Underneath, he had on a Notre Dame sweatshirt. “This is the sweatshirt Dad won at church,” Michael said. “I want to show it to Grandma.”Mom pointed to the red cuffs peeking out of Michael’s sleeve. “What is this?” Mom asked. Michael pulled up the sweatshirt to show Mom the red turtleneck with Groveland Cardinals written on it in white. “It’s my t-ball shirt,” Michael said. “Dad said we couldpractice in Grandma’s yard.” “I see one more shirt,” said Mom. Michael pulled up the red turtleneck to show Mom a faded yellow t-shirt. “That’s so I can play in Grandma’s barn and get as dirty as I want,” said Michael.Mom laughed. “You made a lot of choices, Michael. It looks like you’re ready for everything. Dad and I are ready too. Let’s go to Grandma’s.”Ask: What shirts did Michael choose? The children can pretendto take the jacket off, then the sweatshirt and turtleneck. Invite volunteers to tell how they chose what shirt or shoes to wear today.Activity l Stretch and Sing Move to your open space and invite the children to follow you in the words and actions of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (CD-1, #3).Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will recognize Jesus told stories to teach us about God.Sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4) to prepare for the Gospel proclamation. Add simple gestures.Sunday Gospel l Jesus teaches us by tellinga story. Tell the children that every Sunday we hear a story about Jesus or a story Jesus told his friends a long time ago. When we listen to these stories, Jesus is teaching us now. Invite them to listen carefully to see what Jesus is teaching in this Sunday’s story:Jesus said, “Once there was a man who had two sons. He said to the first son, “Will you help me in our vineyard?” “No, I won’t,” the son said and walked away. Later, he was sorry and went to the vineyard to help his father. The father asked his second son, “Will you help me in our vineyard?” “Yes, I will,” the son said, but, on his way, he saw a fish jumping in the pond and decided to go fishing.Jesus asked the people listening to his story, “Which of the two sons did what their father wanted?”Ask: What do you think the answer is? This story teaches us that if we make not-so-good choices, we can change our minds and make better choices.Cover Activity l Jesus teaches us. (page 1) Distribute Seeds. Have the children retell the Gospel story to you by using the picture. Tell them to use it to tell the Gospel story to their families.Activity l I can choose. (pages 2–3) Have the children bring their copies of Seeds to the work area. Have them open to pages 2–3. Read the heading. One by one, invite theTG1-10Jesus teaches us.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 1, 201726th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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