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I make choices.Draw a circle around your choice in each row.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramPromiseV32 #8 2017-11-12.indd 1 6/13/17 11:02 AMNovember 12, 201732nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeShare ExperiencesObjective The children will recognize choices that they make.Gather the children in a circle in the open area, holding hands. Lead them in singing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).Gathering PrayerLeader: Loving God, today we want to thank you, one by one, for giving us life.Children (one at a time): I am (name). Thank you, God, for giving me life.Leader: Please bless us today as we learn about Jesus. All: Amen.Cover Activity l I make choices. (page 1) Remain in the prayer circle. Ask: How did you choose the clothes you are wearing today? Give all a chance to answer. Explain that many of the choices we make are about what we like best.Distribute Promise. Look together at the pictures on the cover. Identify each picture in the first row—book, electronic game, board game. Distribute pencils or crayons and direct each child to circle the activity he or she likes best. Do the same with the other three rows. Summarize that all the choices are good choices.Story l Peyton and the Surprise Kitten(page 2) Ask: When have you made unloving choices such as not taking care of a pet or not doing a chore. Invite them to listen carefully for the choices a girl named Peyton makes:“Is this the day Dad comes home?” Peyton asked her mom on Tuesday morning. “Yes,” her mom said, “he’ll be home by four o’clock.” Peyton could hardly wait. Whenever he came home from his trips, Dad always pulled out a surprise from deep inside his coat. Once, he pulled out a red ball, another time a bag of candy.When her dad pulled up in the driveway that afternoon, Peyton raced to greet him. “Hi, Dad, I missed you!” “I missed you, too,” Dad said. “Have you been good while I was gone?” Peyton nodded yes.Her dad knelt down face to face with Peyton and began to search in his coat. Peyton giggled and jumped on her tiptoes. Her dad searched until he pulled a yellow kitten out of his coat. Peyton hugged her dad, then ran inside to show her mom. Her mother said Peyton would have to feed it, play with it, and clean its litter box.For two days, Peyton took good care of her kitty. She showed it to her friends. On Friday, Peyton stayed over with a friend and didn’t think about the kitty. On Saturday morning, she said to her mom,“I can’t find my kitty.” “When did you last feed her?” asked Mom. Peyton hung her head. “I don’t remember.”Peyton ran outside calling, “Here Kitty, Kitty. Here Kitty, Kitty.” She hunted up and down the street. She heard sounds from the house next door. She looked around the side of the house. A boy and girl were playing with her kitty. “That is my kitty,” Peyton said. “We thought it was lost,” they said. “She was hungry and sad, so we fed her and played with her.” Peyton thanked them for taking care of her kitty. She carried her kitty home. “I found my kitty!” she told her mom. “I will take very good care of her from now on.” And she did.Ask: What choices does Peyton make about taking care of her kitty on Wednesday and Thursday? On Friday and Saturday? What were the consequences of her choices? Invite the children to retell the story by using the illustrations on page 2. Ask: Which of Peyton’s choices were happy and loving? Which choices were unloving?Activity l Stretch and Move This song shows some of the ways the children can help at home. Sing it to the tune of “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush.” Invite the children to make movements to match the helping activity:This is the way we sweep the floor, sweep the floor, sweep the floor. This is the way we sweep the floor. Everyone helps at home (or school).Continue with other helping actions: wash the dishes, pick up clothes, put away toys, rock the baby, etc.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will appreciate that Jesus wants us to be ready for his coming.Invite the children to bring their copies of Promise to the Gospel area and sit in a circle. Have your own copy displayed there. Sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24).Sunday Gospel l Ten Girls Go to a Wedding Tell this version of Sunday’s Gospel to the children:Once, Jesus told a story about 10 girls who were invited to a wedding. On the wedding day, the groom had to talk to the bride’s parents for quite a while before they would let their daughter marry him. The girls all fell asleep, and their lamps went out.Then someone said, “The bridegroom is coming! Let’s all go to the wedding!” The 10 girls woke up. Five of the girls had brought extra oil for their lamps. They put more oil in their lamps and joined the wedding procession.The other five girls didn’t have any extra oil. They had to go to the store and buy some. When they finally got back, it was too late to go to the wedding. Jesus told his friends they should always be ready and waiting for him to come.TG1-34Teaching This Week’s Lesson

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