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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives l The children will:l  Recognizethelovingactionstheycando.l  MeetSaintMartindePorres.Gather the children in a circle in the open area, holding hands. Lead them in singing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).Activity l I do loving actions. (page 2) Invite the children to sit in the story circle. Ask: Does anyone know what a loving action is? Something you can do that helps another person. Ask: What are some examples? Tell the children Promise has a picture today that has children doing many loving actions. We will divide into groups and see how many we can find.Divide the class into six groups by numbering off. Direct the groups to gather and sit in a circle slightly apart from the others so the children can tell which group they are in. Show all the groups the cover of your copy of Promise and tell them this is a picture of six blocks of a town.Each group will take one block and find the loving actions the children and other people are doing. Distribute Promise to each group and point out their block. Give the groups a few minutes to talk about what is happening on their block. Then gather the groups back together and let them tell the loving actions stories they have found.Activity l Stretch and Play Choose a circle area as “home” and gather the children inside it. Or have the group gather at one end of the open area where there is plenty of space for them to move. Choose a child to step outside the circle. The children in the circle call out, “Friend, friend, from over the way. I wonder who is coming to play.”The child says his or her name. For instance, “It’s Michael.” The children in the circle chant, “Michael, Michael, from over the way. What would you like to play today?” Michael chooses an action such as jumping jacks, swimming, running in place, or crouching down and popping up. The children inside the circle copy his actions. Then Michael chooses a new child to go outside the circle, and the game continues.Saint Story l Brother Martin and the Mice Show the children a picture of Saint Martin de Porres. He is a very beloved saint. His reputation as a healer in 16th-century Lima, Peru has lasted for four centuries.Martin’s care for the poor and unloved also extended to unloved animals like mice. You can find many children’s books about Saint Martin. Have them available if possible for the children to take home. Read this story to the children:A long time ago, a man named Brother Martin lived in 16th-century Lima, Peru. Martin worked for the other brothers and priests. He took care of them when they were sick. He tended the garden. He fed poor people who came to the kitchen door. Martin loved everyone.The priests and brothers complained to Martin about all the mice in their house: “They nibble on the food. They jump on our beds. They are everywhere! Let’s set traps for them,” they said.But Brother Martin thought, “I can’t let my little brothers be killed.” Martin gathered all the mice and told them, “My little friends, you must leave my brothers alone. Come and live in the barn. I will feed you sweet corn every day.”Martin kept his promise to the mice, and the mice lived in the barn. Today, Brother Martin is a great saint, Saint Martin de Porres.Ask: How did Martin treat people? How did Martin treat animals?Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will appreciate Jesus’ Law of Love and service.Invite the children bring their copies of Promise to the Gospel area and sit in a circle. Have your own copy displayed there. Sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24).Sunday Gospel l Jesus tells us to help others. Ask: Who remembers last week’s Gospel? Somebody asked Jesus what the most important rule was. Jesus said there are two rules: Love God and love your neighbor. Here’s what Jesus says in this Sunday’s Gospel:“There are many people in important jobs. Sometimes they make up so many rules that no one can keep them all. Remember that I am the real Teacher. I teach my friends to help others. The people who are greatest in my eyes and in God’s eyes are the ones who help each other and share with each other.”Cover Activity l Jesus tells us to help others. (page 1) Invite the children to look at the cover illustration. Ask: What is Jesus doing? Teaching his followers. Ask: What might he be saying to them? Accept all answers. Read the heading. Emphasize again that being a helper is a way of being a friend of Jesus.Play and sing “Serving Each Other” (CD-1, #19) to summarize the Gospel message.Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.TG1-30Jesus tells us to help others.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramNovember 5, 201731st Sunday in Ordinary Time

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