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October 29, 2017 • 30th Sunday in Ordinary TimeLive the GospelObjective The children will play a game that recognizes loving (and a few unloving) choices they make.Gospel Activity l What does Jesus want us to do? (pages 2–3) Direct the children to turn to pages 2–3 in Promise. Take your time getting them acquainted with the page. Read the title aloud together. Find Jesus at the bottom of page 2 and read the conversation he has with the children.Find START on the game board. Invite volunteers to tell, one at a time, what is happening in the picture squares in the bottom row. Read the direction that goes with the third picture square, “Lose a turn.”What would a child who landed on that square do? Move to the second row and read the directions printed on the first two squares, making sure the children understand what to do if they land on those squares.Call the children’s attention to the numbered directions on page 2. Tell them you will ask a volunteer to play part of a game with you to illustrate how the directions work. Play two rowsof the game with a volunteer while the children watch. Then have the children pair off and distribute one coin and two game markers to each pair. Let them begin playing the game while you walk around the room, listening in on their interactions.When all the pairs have played at least one round of the game, gather as a group. Ask: What did the game teach you about Jesus’ Law of Love?Closing Prayer Make today’s prayer time a thank you to God for all the people who love us. Begin the prayer by naming someone. Invite the children to add names. If there is time,let them each write a name in a heart shape you draw on the chalkboard or on construction paper. Conclude by thanking God for making all these people and putting them in our lives.End your prayer and class session by playing and singing “Come and Follow Me” (CD-2, #14).Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.plasticLesson Wrap-UpVisit to download Promise Weekly Review template.Use Activity #25 from the Promise Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.Unit 1: We Are the Church l TG1-27cans

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