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October 8, 2017 • 27th Sunday in Ordinary TimeActivity l We care for Creation. (page 4) Call attention to page 4. Invite volunteers to describe each of the small illustrations. Distribute scissors and tape or glue. Let the children snip off the four small illustrations at the bottom and tape or glue them in the blank spaces to complete the pictures. When everyone is finished, discuss how the children are caring for Creation.Closing Prayer Invite the children to stand and follow your gestures in this prayer:Leader: Dear God, thank you for our beautiful world. Children: Thank you, God. (hold hands out waist high) Leader: Dear God, thank you for our families and friends. Children: Thank you, God. (raise palms to shoulder height) Leader: Dear God, thank you for loving us and caring for us. Children: Thank you, God, thank you. (raise hands over head)Close your prayer and your gathering by singing “Come and Follow Me” (CD-2, #14).Remind the children to share their Gospel Weeklies with their families and to do the Family Corner activities and prayer together.What the Church WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES HANDBOOK Believes andTeachesGod Shows His Love (page 7)Introduce this page by telling the children that when Jesus tells stories about God’s vineyard, he means not just grapes but everything God created, including you and me. This page about our loving God will prepare the children for the thank-you prayer that concludes today’s class.Celebrate God’s Creation byl  Including some gifts of Creation on your prayer tablel  Taking a nature walk and asking the children to look forthings that God madel  Giving the children the opportunity to show and tell aboutthe pictures they drawl  Sharing a snack that comes from a garden or orchardPray the Lord’s Prayer (page 29). This prayer reminds us that God is our Father who loves us. We are all children of God.Make a name tag for each child that reads “God made _______________ with love.” Let the children print their names on the tags. Play a name game to help the children learn everyone’s name.Have the children close the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks and return to Promise, pages 3–4.Live the GospelObjective The children will identify concrete ways in which they can help and care for others and for Creation.Activity l Who is helping? (page 3) Gather in the work area and distribute pages 3–4. Recall the story of the first graders who worked together to make their schoolyard beautiful. Ask: What are the children on page 3 doing to make their yard beautiful? Point out the child behind the fence. Ask: What is this child thinking? What will she do to help? Stress that helping is part of belonging to a class or a family. Invite them to color the children in the drawing who are helping or want to help.Lesson Wrap-UpVisit to download Promise Weekly Review template..Use Activity #5 from the Promise Activity Book as a take-home activity or lesson wrap-up.Unit 1: We Are the Church l TG1-15The NEW Gospel WeekliesPFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation Program

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