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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives l The children will:l Identify choices they make.l Recognize that honesty is necessary in humanrelationships.Gather the children in a circle to play and sing “God’s Love Is...” (CD-2, #6).Gathering Prayer “Loving God, we are all safe in your hands. We know you love each of us very much. We want to learn more about you and become better members of your family here on earth. Send your Holy Spirit to be with us today.” The children respond, “Amen.”Cover Activity l How Do I Decide? (page 1)Ask: What decisions have you already made today? Getting up when called; deciding clothes to wear and what to eat for breakfast; cooperating with parents or being a problem.Distribute Good News. Give the children a moment of quiet time to make their choices. Have them tell a partner what choices they made and why they made them. Make a class tally on the board. Ask volunteers to express reasons for each of the eight choices.Story l The Friend Decision (page 2) Have the children speculate from the story title and illustrations what might be happening. There are three boys in bike helmets; none of them looks happy. Read the story aloud or in pairs of weak and strong readers.Activity l What Is the Problem? (pages 2–3) Decide as a group what the problem is. Kevin lied to Josh. Josh is hurt. Have the children imagine and write down at least two things Kevin can do about the problem and what the consequences of these actions might be:l Kevin can: say I’m sorry; say mean things to Josh; lie again and say his mom made him play with Max; ask Josh if it is okay if Max uses the bike path they made.l Possible result: Josh forgives Kevin for lying to him; all three boys bike together; Josh goes home mad; Max leaves; Kevin is mad at Josh and Max.After time for re ection and discussion, have each child  ll in what they think Kevin should say. Ask: How might Kevin respond the next time Josh calls? Conclude by saying that decisions involving other people are harder than decisions about what to eat or wear.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjectives l The children will:l lLearn we should follow God’s laws out of love. Learn about sin and virtues.Gather in the Gospel storytelling area and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24). Have the children sit with their copies of Good News in front of them.Sunday Gospel l Jesus Tells Us to Give to God (page 3) Tell the children that in Jesus’ time, the Romans ruled the area where Jesus lived. Jesus’ people had to pay taxes tothe Romans. They had to use a special coin with a picture of the Roman Emperor Caesar on it for the taxes. The coin in the Gospel illustration has Caesar’s picture on it.Assign four children to proclaim the Gospel. Then ask themto retell the Gospel story to you. Some men are showing Jesus coins with Caesar’s picture on them. Jesus asks men to tell him what having the coin means. Since the men have the coin with Caesar’s picture, this shows they accept Roman rule in their country and should pay their taxes.Ask the children the first Know question. Offer this background information: The Pharisees are trying to trap Jesus into taking sides on the question of paying Romantaxes. Pharisees thought that accepting Roman rule in their country and paying taxes to the Romans meant they were not loyal to God and God’s rules. These Pharisees are not interested in the truth. They want to trick Jesus into saying something that shows he doesn’t honor God—and possibly get him in trouble with the Romans too.Catholic Faith Word l Pharisees (page 4) Read this de nition together before continuing with the Gospel discussion. Be sure the children do not cast the Pharisees as villains. They were sincere teachers of the Mosaic Law. They did, however, interpret God’s Law very strictly and didn’t always consider the spirit behind the law. Jesus sometimes challenged their approach and even called them hypocrites, meaning they may have looked like they were following God by obeying all God’s Laws, but they did not always let God into their hearts.Ask the children the second and third Know questions. Possible responses: (2) We honor God when we respect others and ourselves and (3) We honor the leaders of our country when we challenge them to do the best they can do for all the people.Activity l Creative Drama This story lends itself to creative drama. Have the children show how the Pharisees feltTG1-22You don’t have your homework finished.At recess time:You are hungry when you get home from school. You eat cookies.Your dad passes you a hymnal in church. You sing.You eat fruit.You don’t sing.How Do I Decide?You say, “I didn’t do my homework. I’m sorry.”You say, “TheYou join a group game. You play on the playground ate my homework.”Make a choice in each situation. Tell a partner what you chose and why. Add your choices to the class tally.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 22, 201729th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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