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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjectives l The children will:l Recognize the readings at Mass come from the Bible.l Learn how Saint Francis received his call to rebuild the Church.Invite the children to gather and sing “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (CD-2, #26).Gathering Prayer “Loving God, we thank you for the gift of all you created. Help us to take good care of ourselves and our wonderful world.” The children respond, “Amen.”Cover Activity l We Read the Bible at Mass (page 1) This activity will help the children recognize that we hear stories from the Bible at every Mass. Read the title aloud. Ask: What is another word for the Mass? Eucharist. We sometimes call First Communion our First Eucharist, meaning the first time we received Jesus’ Body and Blood. Eucharist is a Greek word that means “thanksgiving.”Ask: What does the word Bible mean? The book of writings about God and Jesus.Ask a volunteer to read the text at top left. Have a Bible ready to show the children the table of contents for the Old Testament. Explain that these books were already written down when Jesus was alive. He studied them, just as we read and study the Gospels.Ask another volunteer to read the text at bottom left. Show the children where to find New Testament books in the Bible.Divide the class into pairs or groups of three or four and give each group a Bible. Go around the room to help the children find the Isaiah passage. Then help them locate this Sunday’s Gospel. This will familiarize them with the Bible as the source of the Sunday readings.Story l Saint Francis Rebuilds the Church (page 2) Locate Assisi on a world map (75 miles northeast of Rome). Ask: What do you know about Saint Francis? He loved allof God’s Creation, is the patron saint of ecology, chose to serve God by living simply and depending on God to provide what he needed, shared the Good News of Jesus with the common people. We see his statue in gardens with birds and animals around him. We celebrate his feast day on October 4. Read the story aloud as a class, with the children taking turns reading a paragraph. When  nished, use the illustrations to review the story.Catholic Faith Word l Church (page 2) Read this definition aloud together to make sure the children understand that Church refers to more than the building in which we gatherfor liturgy. Help them understand that Saint Francis first thought that God was calling him to rebuild the church of San Damiano because it was in need of repair. Later, Saint Francis realized that God was also calling him to the more important work of building up the Church, the People of God, by sharing the Good News of Jesus with them and teaching them by the example of his life.Discuss the story using the Know questions. Encourage thoughtful insight and discussion. Help the children understand Church as their experience of parish life.Play and sing “God’s Love Is...” (CD-2, #6) as you lead the children to the area for the proclamation of the Gospel.Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will understand that Jesus uses stories about Creation to tell us about God’s love for us.Play and sing “Gospel Acclamation” (CD-2, #24) to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel.Sunday Gospel l The Vineyard Owner (page 3) Before proclaiming the Gospel story, ask the children to stand and gather around a displayed Bible. Tell the children that this Sunday, Jesus tells a story about a landowner who planted and tookgood care of a vineyard. Make sure they know what a vineyard is. Assign a child to read the part of Jesus; everyone else reads the All parts. At the conclusion of the dramatic presentation of the Gospel, allow a moment’s silence for the children to reflect.Ask the children the two Know questions related to the Gospel.Activity l Creative Drama First, have the children take the part of the owner of the vineyard and show through their faces and bodies how the owner felt at each part of the story. Then have the children be Saint Francis, living the high life, being imprisoned and thoughtful, finding joy in his vocation of building up the Church by sharing the Good News. Conclude by having the children act out their personal responses of how they build church community in their parishes, in this class, in their schools and homes.Connecting Gospel and Doctrine (page 4)Read together “We Are the Church.”Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.TG1-14We read from the Bible at every Mass. The First Reading is from theFindOld Testament.What is this reading about?We read from the Gospelsat every Mass too. Gospel means “good news” about Jesus.Matthew 21:33–43We Read the Bible at MassIsaiah 5:1–7in the Old Testament.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 8, 201727th Sunday in Ordinary Timeis this Sunday’s Gospel reading.Find Matthew’s Gospel in the New Testament.

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