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• Envyissadnessatthesightofanother’spossessions.Itisa sin. (Tenth Commandment)8. The New Law, page 35 e Beatitudes of Jesus usually turn what the world would call a negative into a positive. Remind your students thatas followers of Jesus, we are called to help in the process of turning negatives into positives—Beatitudes, or “blessings.” Ask students to try to write some of their own beatitudes. Here are some beginnings to get them started.• Blessed are they who have no “popular” friends, for ...• Blessedaretheywhoaremockedbecausetheyattendreligion classes, for ...• BlessedaretheywhogiveupaSaturdayafternoontohelpan elderly neighbor, for ...• Blessed are they who have lost a family member, for ...• Blessedaretheywhowearthemselvesoutbringingjoytoothers, for ...9. The Precepts (or Laws) of the Church, page 36To measure how well your students understand the precepts of the Church, discuss these questions.ReviewWords of Faith, page 37 1.f,2.h,3.b,4.i,5.e,6.j,7.a,8.g,9.c,10.dWord Search, page 37 BUUTRFRTURHZCCDWOPBCHPUYYGFOVE CFQVLQYWKIINRAC BOSOCIALJUSTICE LGMGPLIEFCPEGLS UAPMDHIMIOVEIAV NPILAGBEAWPDNTU XKONMNNYEGNPARI AHSEECDGODEGLOB AZDJEVNMWTZPSMC SSENEKILEAQNIXA KCDOOVQXBNUMNOW NEWLAWJEJRTIHLPReviewName that Commandment! page 38 1. Second Commandment2. Fifth Commandment3. Tenth Commandment4. Eighth Commandment 5.  ird Commandment6. Ninth Commandment 7. Seventh Commandment 8. Sixth Commandment9. First Commandment 10. Fourth CommandmentPray1. Forms of Prayer, page 40Ask students to memorize the names of the six forms of prayer.  ey should also be able to explain each form. You may also want to teach students how to develop a mnemonic device they can use to memorize many things throughout their school and job career. For example, the  rst letters of the words in this sentence are the  rst letters of the Great Lakes in order of size: Sam’s horse must eat oats. (Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie, Ontario)People have their own methods of memorizing, but the following is an example of one developed for the six prayer forms.1. Blessing and Adoration.  e  rst letters combine to form BA, Bachelor of Arts, a degree students may want to earn some day.• Whichprecepthopestoguaranteethereceptionofthe Body and Blood of Christ during the Easter season? (the third precept)• Whichprecepthelpsguaranteethatthematerialneedsof the Church will be met? (the  fth precept)• HowdoestheChurchwantustosanctifythedayofJesus’ Resurrection? (the  rst precept)• Which precept continues the work of conversion and for- giveness that we  rst experience in Baptism? (the second precept)• Whichprecepthelpsusgainmasteryoverourappetites?(the fourth precept)10. Moral Life and the Teaching of the Church,page 36 e Holy Spirit gives the pope and the bishops the gift of infallibility.  is means that they speak without error when they teach about the Catholic way of life and Catholic beliefs.At this point, you may wish to introduce students to the term Magisterium.  is is the living, teaching o ce of the Church, which interprets the Word of God, whether in Scripture or in Tradition.  e Magisterium guarantees that any teaching in matters of faith and morals will be true to the teaching ofthe Apostles.11

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