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2. Conscience, page 30Some people, especially young people, recognize the voice of conscience when they have already completed a deed they regret. Ask if anyone can suggest a way to avoid doing and saying things we will later regret. Some people might suggest counting to ten, or a hundred, or even a thousand before speaking or acting. In other words, they are trying to prevent an impulsive action.  e counting allows a person time to think about an action, and allows conscience to play its role before the person acts.3. What Is Virtue? page 30To give students practice in identifying virtues, read each of these situations aloud in class. Ask students what virtue or virtues are being practiced in each instance. Students should be able to explain their choices.Jen thinks she saw her friend’s older brother trying to buy cigarettes at the carry-out on Saturday, but she’s not sure. She decides not to tell anyone. Can you name three virtues Jen is practicing? Why do you think these virtues  t the situation? (prudence, justice, charity)Juan never goes to sleep without thanking God for all the blessings he has received that day. What two virtues does Juan practice? (faith, charity)Uncle Seb really wants a hamburger and fries for lunch, but he remembers what the doctor told him about extra weight and high cholesterol. Seb also thinks about how much his family depends on him. He orders a salad with reduced-fat dressing. What virtues is Seb practicing? (prudence, temperance)Karen admits to God and herself that she sometimes does things she knows are wrong, but she also knows that God o ers people forgiveness. She believes things will turn out well for her if she keeps trying to do good. What virtue does Karen practice? (hope)Zach’s little brother almost drives Rob crazy with his constant chatter and questions, but Zach is determined not to get angry and hurt the little guy’s feelings. What virtue is Zach practicing? (fortitude)4. Sin, page 31Mortal sin is such a serious issue that your students should memorize the conditions necessary for mortal sin. Write the three conditions on the board, discuss them, and then ask students to memorize them. For a sin to be mortal:1. It must involve serious sinful matter.2.  ere must be full knowledge of the evil of the act.3.  ere must be full consent to do the act despite re ec-tion on its seriousness.5. The Common Good of the Human Community,page 31 e common good is the set of conditions that help people ful ll their potential as human beings. Ask students, What do you think it means to reach your potential as a student? What conditions do you need in order to reach your potential? What do your surroundings have to do with reaching your potential? What about your parents and their attitude toward education? Your friends’ attitude toward education? Society’s attitude toward education?  e ability of your teachers?  e age and condition of your school?6. God’s Law, page 31In Matthew 5:17, Jesus says, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets.” Ask students, what they think Jesus is saying about the Ten Commandments.7. The Ten Commandments, page 32Ask students to look at the Commandments carefully andto choose those which relate to our direct responsibilityfor worship of and respect for the majesty of God (the  rst three Commandments). Which Commandments refer to our dealings with other people? (the remaining seven) Point out, however, that o enses against other people are violations of the moral order and therefore displeasing to God. When it comes to our choice between good and evil, God is never out of the picture.Ask students which of the Commandments is related to each of the following statements.• IfGodrestedonedayfromthelaborsofcreation,then human beings should use one day of the week for rest as well. ( ird Commandment)• Everyone needs to be chaste according to his or her state in life. (Sixth Commandment)• BlasphemyisusingthenameofGod,JesusChrist,the Virgin Mary, or the saints in an o ensive way. (Second Commandment)• Journalists are obligated to search for truth and report it.(Eighth Commandment)•  ewell-beingoftheindividualaswellasofsocietyis related to the health of family life. (Fourth Commandment)•  elawofGodforbidslust,thedesireforphysicalrelations with another outside of marriage. (Ninth Commandment)• Itisasintoignorethenaturalimpulsethatliesineachof us to search for God. (First Commandment)• Everyoneneedstotryhisorherbesttorespectandprotect all human life. (Fifth Commandment)• Taking another person’s idea and making money from it is contrary to God’s law. (Seventh Commandment)10

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