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hallowed be thy name—Whenever we think of your name, whenever we speak your name in prayer, whenever we act in your name for the good of others, we plunge ourselves into your immense holiness. May you be praised for letting us know from experience how great and holy you are!thy kingdom come—O Lord, we wait for lasting peace and justice in our world—for the kind that comes only through Jesus your Son. We wait for your Kingdom to arrive even as we continue on earth your Son’s hard work of bringing it about.thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven—Before your heavenly throne, O God, the saints and angels chant a perfect “yes” to your plans for all of creation. May we echo their “yes” every day in the way we live our lives here on earth.Give us this day our daily bread—O God, we ask you to ful ll our every hunger—not only the hunger of our bodies for food, but also the hunger of our minds for eternal truth, the hunger of our souls for in nite goodness, and the hunger of our spirits for everlasting beauty.and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us—O Lord, we know that too often we fail to love and serve you as you deserve, and we fail to love our neighbors as we should. Forgive us for all our sins against you and against them, and help us to look with compassion upon others whenever we feel wronged by them.and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil—O God, make us strong against the temptation to do wrong—strong as your Son Jesus was strong. And keep us far away from all evil people, places, and situations. Only then can we be the free and happy persons that you created us to be, through Christ our Lord. Amen, amen!ReviewQuick Quiz, page 461. Contrition, intercession, thanksgiving, blessing, praise,petition2. Vocal prayer, meditation, contemplationTreasures of the Catholic FaithEncourage students to become familiar with this last section of What the Church Believes and Teaches for Venture. “Treasures of the Catholic Faith,” pages 47-65, is a concise and convenient ref- erence tool that can help them quickly answer many questions.  e material in this section can also be committed to memory. It can be an enjoyable and helpful exercise to encourage memo- rization of the prayers, lists, and de nitions in this section. Memorization ensures that the language and core content of the Catholic faith are captured and retained by the learner. Memori- zation can also be an aid to understanding.Faith Facts to Remember, pages 47-51In these pages, students can review the order of the Mass and  nd the exact wording of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes.  ere are many lists to serve as quick reminders— the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the works of mercy, the virtues, the holy days of obligation observed in the U.S., and many more.Prayers to Know, pages 52-57Students this age may already know many of the important Catholic prayers by heart, but this section of their handbooks is a good place for them to go to brush up.  ere are also prayers for them to grow into—the Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love, the Memorare, and the prayers of beloved saints.Words to Know, pages 58-65Students can feel more con dent about and expand their Catholic vocabulary with the kid-friendly de nitions they’ll  nd on these pages. Encourage students to treat this section of their handbooks like a Catholic dictionary. Page 65 reviews the church year and includes a liturgical year chart that the students can color.14

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